7 Luxury Candles That Will Make You Reminisce Some Of Your Favourite Scents


2022 was the year I started pouring actual thought into my fragrance choices. Before that, I just picked the prettiest bottle on the shelf, quite amateur, I know! But lately, I’ve been taking out the time to do my research and dive a little deeper into fragrance families, the variety of notes and layering fragrances. This means discovering a variety of perfumes that mesmerised me with every whiff I took. But let’s be honest with ourselves, purchasing a perfume bottle on every whim or to suit every mood can be heavy on the pocket. And so, I found an easy alternative, luxury candles!

Lucky for you, and for me too, luxury candles don’t just save you a few hard-earned bucks, but also let you experience a spa-like ambience if you are into mood-setting. Thanks to the brands finally realising the market for candles in India, some of the most iconic scents of all time are now bottled up into a candle for us to enjoy. The best part about these candles is that they also make for aesthetic centrepieces that add some character to any room. I mean, wouldn’t a Christian Dior candle look quite surreal on your table?

Here’s our edit of luxury candles that are worth every penny.

Tom Ford

When we say Tom Ford fragrances have a special place in our hearts, we mean it. Although these are considered as vanity investments, we could only dream about owning each and every one of them. That’s exactly why Tom Ford candles are magical! Some of their cult-favourite scents like Oud Wood, Lost Cherry and Bitter Peach have been turned into candles that deserve a spot on your bedside table.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone’s scents have been lauded by Kate Middleton herself, so it’s no secret that they’re an all-time favourite for millions across the world. Scents like English Pear and Fresia along with Rose and Oud have candle counterparts with the exact same notes. Light up one of these in any room, and it’ll feel like a bottle of the scent has been spritzed all over.



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Byredo, the rad brand has been transforming distinct memories into scents ever since its inception in 2006. When Mumbai Noise, a fragrance that helped Ben Gorham, the founder, reminisce his days spent in Chembur was created, it sent ripples everywhere. Touted as one of the best candlemakers of today’s age, Byredo’s candles follow a smart concept wherein they feature minimal notes that are layered seamlessly.



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Renowned for their opulent scents that are adored by celebrities everywhere, including our very own Shahrukh Khan who enjoys using Diptyque, this French brand is a treasure trove of all the finer things in life. Connoisseurs will chime in with me when I say that their candles are the epitome of luxury. They steer clear from using synthetic fragrances in all of their candles along with offering hand-straightened wicks. The cherry on top is the extra long burning time which is a whopping 60 hours!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

When Baccarat Rouge 540 went viral in 2022, it easily made a significant mark for itself in the fragrance universe. While this scent costs an arm and a leg (totally worth it, if you ask us!), its candle counterpart is much more affordable. Apart from their bestselling scents like Baccarat Rouge 540 and Oud Satin Wood, Maison Francis Kurkdjian also has limited-edition candles that capture the essence of the season they’re released in.

Christian Dior

Dior fragrances have never left the spotlight, a well-earned spot for revolutionary scents like Miss Dior and Fève Délicieuse. The launch of Dior’s La Collection Privée brought along with it scented candles that feature notes of some of the luxury house’s most celebrated scents along with some new scents that fit the Dior sense of being.

Maison Margiela

While it may be called Replica, Maison Margiela’s legendary line of eau de toilette can never be replicated. This collection is inspired by specific times and places, something that sets it apart. Say hello to Margiela’s Replica line of scented candles, bottling up your favourite scents in the form of a candle.

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