Made In Heaven’s Stylist Bhawna Sharma Sheds Light On The Jewellery Moodboard, Characters And More

Made In Heaven

Elaborate sets, scandals, intricate storytelling and rousing feminist upheavals – that’s Made In Heaven season 2 for you. And such is the grandeur and underlying turmoil of a big fat Indian wedding, showcased impeccably in the Zoya Akhtar helmed production. What also plays a potent tool in Made In Heaven’s premise is the way the characters have been styled.

Wardrobes that not only complement the characters to the T, but also add dimension and personality make the show what it is, now. The jewellery is a clear winner showcasing the debauchery amongst the uber rich through their discernible sensibilities. We caught up with Bhawna Sharma, the stylist extraordinaire of the Made In Heaven and discussed all things inspiration, the standout jewellery pieces and more.

ELLE: Kindly take us through the fashion mood board for Made in Heaven.

Bhawna Sharma: My centre to start the project was the script and that’s what you need to be true to each character’s back story. Of course, a recap from season 1 based on where their story is, and where their character arc is going was important, but so were the discussions with the director. The production, and episodic colour palettes also played an integral part. For example, Sobhita playing Tara had a specific look because she is more empowered – so working silhouettes, power dressing, cinched waistlines were a part of the mood board. Also, it had nothing to do with following trends.

ELLE: If you could describe each character’s sartorial genome in one word, what would it be and why?

Bhawna Sharma: Tara is power. After having been defeated in her marriage and business, she comes back more empowered. She uses her sartorial choices as her shield, an armour to the world.

Arjun is very straightforward. When he is at work, he is dressed in semi formals and at the weddings, he is quite the contemporary Indian.

Adil is a a beautifully tailored man, all the time. Bespoke, suited, beautiful shoes, always prim and proper.

Jazz is very quirky. She imitates Tara and is trying high street fashion brands now, as opposed to season 1, where she was seen in the looks from Sarojini Nagar and Dwarka’s local markets.

Meher was is a very interesting character I was excited to dress. Her style is very femme and as you see her experimenting, from episode 1 to episode 7 through the ten weddings, there are a lot of different silhouettes and she is very feminine all through.

Kabir is effortless. Throw in a shirt or tee style and still, it’s quite effortless.

Faiza is classic. She belongs to wealth and doesn’t have to do much. She wears the things she wears just because it’s there.

Bulbul was another very very exciting character for me. She is making a statement after all she has been through, her style could be summed up as statement making.

And that is how these characters came out to life.

ELLE: As a stylist what were your favourite pieces of diamond jewellery that made it to the screen?

Bhawna Sharma: What went into making and sourcing of the same was my association with the Natural Diamond Council and it was really wonderful because I had a very dedicated team. We went through a lot of brands, we looked at collections, look books and I even went to the stores. If you had ask what my favourite would be, it would be Sara’s, at the Christian wedding. Its a fusion of something Indian and western, and also she is in this beautiful Gauri Nainika gown and I just love the little drops cascading on her collar bones, its very delicate. That piece was by Khanna Jewellers – a huge shoutout to them!

I also loved the Gaurav Gupta look for the same sex wedding. It was fantastic, it looks like they’re twinning if you look at their earrings, plus what they are wearing is just beautiful. I had lots of fun with that look. I also loved the Anmol Jewellers moment with Tara wearing those beautiful dangling earrings for the party and also for the Christian pre-wedding shenanigans.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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