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Skincare infused makeup

If there is a lesson I will be taking away from the season of 20-21, it’s that no matter how sexy your lipstick is, it’s going to be hidden behind a mask and there’s just no way around it. Your makeup will also make appearances at unexpected places- there will be a little foundation on the edges of your mask, for example. To me, it’s no surprise then that we’ve all decided to amp our skincare routines. We’re now invested in serums, oils and toners, relying heavily on them to do their thing, gingerly stepping away from full coverage foundations and heavy-duty concealers.  Sure we love ourselves some coverage, some strategically placed blush but we want them to do some double duty. And it looks like the brands are listening.

The Indian market now has a plethora of products that are much like the people using them-multitaskers. So your makeup is now flush with skin-friendly ingredients and we are here for it. Here are some of the products that we have our eyes on. They promise to give your skin some loving while also giving you the benefits of makeup.

Tint-y Fresh


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This is a skin tint from Forest Essentials that gives you light coverage, the kind that you could wear to work on the daily. But what really makes me want to slather this on generously (not recommended, I am just extra) is that this comes with the goodness of moringa, almond and sunflower oils (freshly hand-pressed, of course) and green tea.  You can use this over your moisturiser, blurring out pesky zits while it pampers your skin. Going to be right back, have to add this to my very full cart.

Blush Up On Your Skincare

I am particularly drawn to blushes, they make me look awake and fresh like I have been eating my greens and staying hydrated. Which is more than what I expect my makeup to do, honestly. The matte blushes from Kay Beauty have a stunning pay off and blend like a dream but I am drawn to them because of the skincare benefits this product comes with. The blush comes infused with avocado and mango butter, which actually help brighten the skin (they say that).

There are a bunch of celebrity-owned brands you might want to explore. You can read about it here.

Lash On Delivery

Some of us have great lashes and the rest of us, well, we’re just jealous. Of course, we then turn to our trusty mascara for volume, curl and length. And then there are mascaras like this one from Sephora that comes with bamboo powder and avocado oil. So while you get black, stunning lashes, with these ingredients, your lashes will also be nourished. At this point, this mascara is just showing off.

Glow Me Away


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That glass skin trend where it looks like light is reflecting off your skin? Yeah, that’s a lot of work. So a person like me with questionable food choices, appreciates this Laniege Glowy Makeup Serum that’s like a cheat code. It makes your skin look radiant, yes, but it also has jojoba seed oil and turmeric root extract which means it’s also doing good things for your skin while it’s on. Skincare and makeup? We love!

Lips Don’t Lie

For a long time, my lipsticks sat abandoned in my makeup kit, sad and ignored because what even is the point if I am going to wear a mask? But I am now of the opinion that my lipstick needs to do more so this one from Ruby’s Organics has my vote. The lipsticks from this brand come with skin-loving ingredients like mango and shea butter and castor and almond oil. Basically, everything your grandmom told you was good for your lips. We stan.

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