Cruise Control: Make Your Next Ride Luxurious And Memorable With These Accessories and Gadgets


You’ve watched reels about those stunning waterfalls in Goa, the ones with the mist rising high, engulfing the people present there for a moment. You’ve added to your list of must-visit places, the river of Dawki where the water glistens against the winter sun and the river bed is visible from your boat. You’re not a tourist, you’re a traveller. And if you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug, and are seeking to embark on an adventure, we suggest abandoning chaotic flights and taking up zipping around the city on your Vespa. And while you do this, take your riding experience up a notch.

We uncover a world of accessories and gadgets for scooters and bikes that elevate your rides, and provide ease, simultaneously. This is safety, comfort and style, all at once. Scroll down to find what are some cool accessories and tech pieces that your inner bike lover and techie are going to love.

JB X Vespa


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The first call of the day is to invest in a ride that shows off your personality while also giving you unparalleled comfort. With the urban chic look of Vespa and the spunky vibe of the most beloved pop star Justin Bieber, comes the scooter of everyone’s dreams. This is the sleek, luxurious Vespa that’s white and of course, a declaration of your unwavering commitment to the good things in life. Those with a penchant for the finer things will appreciate the look of the Vespa which is both stunning and sturdy.

The monochrome look along with the sporty vibe pushes the cool quotient of the bike, making it perfect for when you want to make a statement as the wind caresses your hair. A ride to remember.

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Even if your rides in picturesque lanes are not for social media, it’s always fun to capture the beauty any way. Safety is of paramount importance so turn to the Insta 360 degree HD camera to do the documenting. The nifty gadget comes with an 8x time lapse and is waterproof. Utility is not the only thing the Insta 360 brings, the camera is a beautiful piece of tech and enhances the overall look of the bike.

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Protecting your eyes from sun, dust, wind and rain is a must during rides. The Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses come with a compact frame that sits easily under your helmet. The frame is made of nylon, making it strong and lightweight at the same time for you to move around carefree. Providing 100% UV protection, these sunglasses come with red iridescent lenses making them look irresistibly stylish.

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Whether you’re using your scooter to get around the city for your daily work commute, or going for a leisurely ride with friends, you will need a stylish accessory to throw in all your necessities. TUMI offers a wide range of backpacks that are lightweight and water-resistant, and make for the perfect companion for these rides.

These beautiful backpacks come with adjustable straps and a padded compartment for your laptop, ideal for you to travel around without compromising on the style quotient.

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Airbag Vest

It’s imperative that safety reign supreme when it comes to riding. And these airbag vests are designed for protection. These vests inflate into an airbag if the rider loses touch with a vehicle in motion. Due to their light weight, these jackets do not exert unnecessary weight on the riders whilst still providing comfort and stability.

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