Celebrating Artistry And Identity: Makeup Artists Leading The Pride Movement In India


Pride Month is here, and it’s time to meet some truly magical makeup artists. These talented influencers are doing incredible things with their brushes and palettes, creating looks that are way more than skin-deep.

Makeup has always been fascinating to me—it’s like a superpower that can transform and tell amazing stories. This Pride Month, let’s celebrate eight fantastic LGBTQ+ makeup artists who are shaking up beauty standards and spreading love and inclusivity.


These artists are the real deal as they turn faces into canvas which gets decorated art and endless creativity. Their looks are all about celebrating uniqueness, breaking boundaries, and telling powerful stories. They’ve made a huge impact on both the beauty community, proving that makeup is more than just glam—it’s a way to express who you are and make a statement.

Deep Pathare


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Deep Pathare is known for his bold makeup style that mixes bright colours and creative designs. His eyeliner skills are top-notch, always perfectly applied to make his looks pop. It looks like he’s not afraid to break the rules of beauty, which makes him a real trendsetter in the makeup world.

Shantanu Dhope

Shantanu Dhope’s makeup is all about making a statement. He specializes in bold, dramatic looks with amazing attention to detail that catches the eye. The colours that he uses complement each other so well that it enhances the whole look.

Prateek Sachdeva

Sachdeva is better known as Betta Naan Stop, one of India’s most prominent drag queens. His skilful hands effortlessly transform faces. The way he creates looks not just with Western fits but also authentic traditional outfits is mind-blowing. He reminds me that makeup is as much about enhancing features as it is about celebrating them.

Rahil Sayed


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Rahil Sayed’s artistic style stands out by a deft use of drama and nuance to create looks that are both powerful and bold with a hint of delicacy. His expertise in makeup is matched only by his dedication to authenticity and self-expression. And his unchangeable sincerity and relentless dedication to his craft are extremely remarkable.

Jason Arland


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Whether it’s a whimsical fairy tale look or a powerful statement look, Jason Arland approaches makeup like an artist with a palette, blending textures and hues to craft mesmerising looks encouraging me to embrace my uniqueness and express myself fearlessly through makeup.

Elton J Fernandez

Elton Fernandez is a celebrity makeup artist. I believe Elton’s approach to makeup is all about celebrating individuality and confidence. He pours his heart into each creation and does makeup as a form of self-expression and empowerment.

David Peterson

David Peterson’s makeup style is like a gentle touch that enhances natural beauty with grace and elegance. It seems he values authenticity and believes in bringing out the best version,  rather than masking the features. His commitment to inclusivity and representation within the beauty industry is commendable and deeply inspiring.

Hiten Noonwal

Hiten Noonwal’s passion for makeup is evident in every creation he crafts, from bold editorial looks to soft, romantic styles. His dedication to his art inspires me to pursue my own passions with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. His ability to create looks that are both glamorous and meaningful serves as a constant reminder that makeup is a powerful tool for empowerment.

As someone who deeply admires the art of makeup, these artists have been a constant source of inspiration. Their dedication, creativity, and authenticity are not just qualities I look up to but also aspire to embody in my own life. This Pride Month, the stories and successes of these artists shine even brighter. They remind us that makeup is not just about transformation, it’s about celebration. It’s about celebrating who we are, challenging societal norms, and finding joy in self-expression. These artists prove that true beauty lies in authenticity and that the courage to be oneself is the most inspiring trait of all.

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

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