Have Downturned Eyes? Here Are All The Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Downturned eyes

Do people constantly ask you if you’re doing okay when they catch you staring into space because your resting face has an inherent sadness to it? Chances are you have downturned eyes that make it seem like you’re conjuring up new verses of heartbreak poems in your head when you’re actually just dreaming about the cruffin you’re going to eat later. Downturned eyes have outer corners that slope down lower than the inner corner of the eye. Whether you want to embrace and accentuate the dreamy innocence of your eyes or want to create the illusion of a more lifted look, here are some expert-backed makeup tips for you:

How To Apply Eyeliner?

“For a person who has downward turned eyes the best way to do an eyeliner is to wing it. This way the eyes look more lifted,” says Celebrity Makeup Artist Kalyani Nayak. Draw the wing from the point where the outer corner of your eyes starts to slope downward rather than at the very end of your eye. You can also add a touch of concealer right under the wing on the outer corner of your bottom lash line to instantly lift your eyes.

“Also lining the inner upper water line is key, as that helps to build the drama,” adds Celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist Avni Rambhia.

Alternatively, if you want to embrace the downward slope try puppy eyeliner that has been taking over TikTok. Wing your eyeliner slightly downward to follow the natural shape of your eyes instead of winging your liner upward toward your brows.

How To Apply Mascara And False Lashes?

Avni says, “Mascara is the best bet for downward turned eyes, even single lashes or false lashes can help the eyes look more dramatic.”

Expanding on that thought, Kalyani explains, “Curl the lashes before applying mascara. This makes a whole lot of difference.  After you curl apply the mascara not straight to the eyelashes but swipe it in an outward direction. This way it gives the illusion of lifted eyes. You can use individual long lashes on the outer corner and shorter ones in the middle and inner corner to give an elongated effect.”

How To Apply Eyeshadow?

“Apply lighter colours in the inner corner and centre and darker colours in the outer corner. Whatever the eye look maybe remember to keep the cat-eye shape in mind. Blend the eyeshadows upwards and outward. This will help you achieve a lifted look.” says Kalyani. You could also stick tape from your lower lash line to the tail of your eyebrows and then start blending to get the shape right.

“You can add some colour to the bottom lash line to make it look more interesting” shares Avni.


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How To Apply Blush And Highlighter?

“Since our aim is to achieve a lifted look, the placement of the blush and the highlighter also plays a major role. Blush and highlighter must be placed on the cheekbones and not on the apple of the cheek. This pulls the whole face more upward and outward.” explains Kalyani.

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