Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan Shine Bright in Malabar Gold and Diamonds’ ‘Speak Your Heart with Diamonds’ Campaign


The rarest thing in the world, next to a spirit of discernment, are diamonds…from the French

Ever wanted to express love but ran short of words? Forgot a loved one’s birthday and did not want to utter the clichéd ‘sorry’? Looking for perfect gift for your daughter or wife, the most precious jewels of your life? Or do you want to say a big thank you to someone who has loved and cared for you? Want to express all this but do not know how. Say it with diamonds. More than any other gift, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will convey your emotions. When all words fall silent, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will speak what you heart wants to say.

Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, both stunning in their own right, come together in Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ new Diamond campaign, marking their on-screen debut. Regardless of the occasion or the sentiment you wish to express, let the allure of diamonds guide you towards sealing your promise of ultimate commitment and eternal love. Diamonds have an enduring ability to evoke love, both in the present and for all time to come.

Nearly as old as the earth itself, no two diamonds are ever the same. Quite like the nature of the diamond, the Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ new Diamond campaign has Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor walk through pretty doors taking the viewers along through an array of emotions and simultaneously showcasing the brand’s exquisite diamond jewellery for every expression. A glittering diamond ring that is the best way to ask, “Will you spend your life with me? I will always look after you.” And, trust us, the answer will be a gleeful yes. A pretty, delicate neckpiece to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary. An elegant ear hoop for the woman who believes she can achieve anything. A sophisticated teardrop pair of earrings to say sorry for having forgotten the birthday. A ‘I love you, Ma’ moment with a diamond-studded bangle that will silently tell her how much her love and presence is treasured. And of course, a pretty neckpiece for yourself because you love yourself for who you are. A talisman of eternal love for yourself.

For long time, diamonds have been not just a symbol of love, but excelled as an exquisite things of beauty. But with Malabar Gold & Diamonds, diamonds are more than just things of beauty and joys forever. When words fail, the diamonds speak for you. For all your special occasions, choose Malabar Gold & Diamonds to express your love and gratitude. Diamonds resonate with everyone, turning every emotion into an everlasting memory.

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