5 Reasons Malaika Arora’s Slip Dress Outings Should Be On Your Inspiration Board

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora’s composure while addressing ageist trolls ridiculing her sartorial A game has earned her a fan in me. The accomplished actress & businesswoman has long had a tryst with fashion as a creative medium, with a wardrobe trumping that of most Bollywood bigwigs today.

Out of her countless red carpet appearances in sculpted gowns & rhinestone decked ensembles, what emerges triumphant is her easy-chic, laid-back style whilst donning a simple slip dress. So, here’s why we stand to our ground when we say that ‘Malaika Arora should claim the copyright to the slip dress.’

1. Dressing Down With An Experimental Flair

Malaika Arora

Known to favour glamazon’esque silhouettes with a blinding ornamentation, Malaika equally makes a statement when stepping out in a casual slip dress. One with an unconventional print nonetheless.

Let’s talk figures. Admittedly, a slip dress slathered with a camouflage print is a risque choice, one that’s unlikely to find many takers.  But she makes it look decent. Worth a try, right?

2. Glam Police Is Her Emergency Contact

Malaika Arora

Now onto her preferred field of play, aka the sultrier version of the versatile garment. This peach toned satin slip dress features a draped cowl neckline & a thigh high slit. Armed with the usual serving of gloss & scanty accessorization, the styling thereby propels all the spotlight on the dress itself. Nothing she can’t handle.

3. By The Power Vested In Layering

Malaika Arora

Having a little fun, mixing & matching, finding your fit are a few prime reasons of fixating on fashion as a therapy of sorts. Here, Malaika Arora opts for an ankle length slip dress with a cheeky slit originating from the side seam. With a cupped bustier-like upper half, the decision to add a Taylor Swift’s Evermore inspired trench is a refreshing take. Sexy & functionable goes hand in hand & she’s corroborated that enough times already.

4. Confidence Is Her Disciple

Malaika Arora

Lensed in a deep olive hued, floor sweeping slip dress, Malaika surely didn’t come to just play with this one. Paired with a layered diamond necklace & coordinating stacks of bracelets, this look screams no guts no glory. Time to take a leaf out of the multi hyphenate’s sartorial playbook, just so we can amp up our style game.

5. Because Why Not

Malaika Arora

Another one. Characterized by an abstract dousing of the marble print, this multicolored slip dress retains its Grade A status with ample help from the sneaker & cap serving. It’s effortless, it’s chic & easily replicable. And people still ponder why the paps love Malaika Arora so much? Get a hint.

Images Via Pinterest

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