8 Times Malaika Arora’s Vacation Wardrobe Had Us Staring. In A Good Way

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora’s fashion choices are infallible. Lacking the slightest trace of a faux-pas, Malaika and her team always understand the assignment. Be it the time she’s hosting a pageant or judging a reality show, a substandard styling is truly the last of her worries. And that extends even for when she’s vacationing in the Maldives or Turkey.

Servin’ Red Hot

When in Cappadocia, go rouge all the way. Malaika donned this red kaftan by The House Of Masaba and paired it with a fedora hat. We totally did not see this flaming serve coming our way, but I hardly doubt anyone’s complaining. A+ for the stacked bangles.

Slinky Slip Dress

For chilling out on a boat, a micro-mini slip dress always comes in handy. The blue is refreshing and the gold and hot pink details add the much needed pop of colour making this piece a must-have.

Monokini Major

Photographed at Maldives, Malaika’s gold, black and white printed monokini is ideal when lazing around in a cosy pool.

NYC Calling

Reinstating my faith in neons is this blazer set that she paired with a pair of sneakers. She’s styled it with a slick bun and rectangular sunnies which is clearly emblematic of the classic NYC chic.

Lounging Whites

An oversized silk shirt fastened with a belt. What’s not to like? She paired it with a tank top underneath and a slick mono braid at the back. And the hoops are hoopin….oh, I mean poppin.

Tropic Like It’s Hot

This coord set by in lime green is refreshing enough to dissolve your midweek sleepy blues. While we may be plastered onto our desks, at least her wardrobe is living la vida loca.

Crochet Crusin’

First thing that crosses my mind upon seeing this picture is Vintage Chanel. Not sure about the brand here, but it’s a pretty cute set overall. Another hat spotting- do we sense a collection dropping soon? Saving my bucks then.

Biker Girlfriend Chic

This one-shoulder ruffle dress against the Milan Cathedral got me missing a place I’ve never been to. But that’s beside the point. It’s giving punk girl meets soft girl but with Malaika’s own glam take on it.

Malaika Arora is 48 right now, I’m slightly cringing that I need to mention her age to prove a point, but some things just need to be said. She often wears bikinis, shorts and clothes that fit her body like a glove. Clothes that are too young for a woman that age as per the internet incels who comment the wildest profanities in every comment section of hers. And the fact that she’s divorced and is dating a younger guy just multiplies the barrage of poop and vomit emojis directed towards her.

While all of this is unfortunate, given that we’re not in the 1800s, it’s truly refreshing to see celebrities (who’re actual people with emotions, to your surprise) go on and trample all the hate. And just live. And wear that bikini. Wild times.

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- Digital Fashion Writer


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