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We’re in the early 90s. ‘5 red lipsticks to seduce your man’ screams the headline on the page 3 of a leading daily. ‘Sultry eyeshadow for date night’ reads another one, accompanied by a picture of a Bollywood actress. Makeup and skincare was strictly for women and girls. Or so you were made to believe. And then it changed. And these male beauty influencers are leading the charge in the industry.

Gender fluid beauty is the name of the game. Makeup and skincare is fabulously democratic. It’s for anyone who wants to add drama to their look, up their skincare game or show off a sassy eyeshadow look.

Check out these male beauty influencers who are changing the way we perceive beauty.

Shantanu Dhope


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There are times when I am scrolling through my Instagram and I decide that I want to feel completely untalented. That’s when I gingerly saunter over to Shantanu’s account and watch him adeptly blend eyeshadow, draw on some eyeliner like it’s NBD and then watch as everything seamlessly comes together. Meanwhile, I look like I got into a bar brawl when I attempt a smokey eye.


Deep Pathare


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Now help me out here but is it even legal to be this talented? Deep Pathare is a male beauty influencer who serves up beauty lewks with sass and memes. My kind of person and beauty influencer. Also, he’s not basic with his looks, so I am looking at him for inspiration.


Wing It With Ankush

Ankush Bahuguna’s Instagram content involves him mainly discussing topics of relevance and seriously important. Like what is manifest. And while he’s incredibly talented on that account, it’s on the Wing It With Ankush Bahuguna account where he wears his crown as a male beauty influencer. Ankush is talented and then he gets all these people who are willing to play canvas for his makeup artistry skills. It’s a great watch always.




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Amit Bittoo Day wears his beard with hair extensions and a bindi. If you were looking to slot him as just another male beauty influencer, you are in for a surprise. This is THE account to follow for makeup looks, creativity and passion. It all comes together to make for a feed that is vibrant and unexpected and we love it.


Yashwant Singh


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K beauty has told us that glass skin is a possibility but while it dangles that carrot provocatively, we know that most of us end up looking like an oily mess. Not Yashwant Singh though. This male beauty influencer makes us want to slather on the lotions and the potions. His skin has light bounce off his face. We don’t know what his secret is (besides a great skincare routine and good eating habits) but if it’s anything but that, we want in on the secret. Spill the beans Yashwant.

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