6 Times Male Celebrities Wore Skirts Like It Was No Big Deal

Men in skirts

You know when people say, “Oh, she’s kinda domineering, most definitely wears the pants in the relationship.” The massive amount of cringe that phrase invokes in me is reason enough to be at loggerheads with the lexi- connoisseurs responsible for coining the same. The fact that we subconsciously relate pants (which are traditionally considered men’s clothing) with traits like domination, outspokenness and responsibility doesn’t sit right with me. Especially when we 21st-century folks are looking at the prospect of life on Mars (not me, but some people are). In conclusion, this medieval BS really needs to go away. Like for good and everyone needs to get together and appreciate men in skirts.

But then, cut to the entry of emotionally secure men, wearing whatever the hell they want. From mini skirts to the colour pink and gel eyeliners (better than I’d ever be able to wing it), their masculinity isn’t defined by a mere piece of fabric. Hence, I can’t help but fangirl over their subtle act of giving toxic masculinity the finger.

Let’s have a look at some noteworthy instances when we spotted these men in skirts, NBD.

1. David Harbour


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Clad in a pleated steel-grey skirt, Stranger Things alum David Harbour starred in the notable campaign for Thom Browne’s previous fall collection. Browne, who’s been at the vanguard of destigmatizing androgynous dressing delivered more such pieces which were later worn by the likes of Pete Davidson and Thomas Doherty.

2. Oscar Isaac


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Our tryst with Oscar Issac’s Venice Film Festival moment isn’t even over yet and our jaws have dropped again. This time, due to a Commission FW22 pleated skirt for the Marvel backed production The Moon Knight’s press tour. Next time, please give us a heads up so we can catch our breath.

3. Ranveer Singh

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Back in 2015, while promoting Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer pulled a classic Ranveer and blessed us with this lehenga style skirt. Worn under a bandh-gala, the earthy-toned combination definitely helped propagate the destigmatization of gender-neutral dressing in Bollywood.

4. Mark Bryan


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Mark’s Instagram bio goes like- straight, cis male and so on….The fact that he loves emphasizing his orientation does plenty to squash the notion that silhouettes that are considered feminine-looking (so archaic, I know right) are only a gay man’s territory. Here he’s pictured wearing a creation by an IFM Paris student for the Mark Bryan Design Challenge. Love to see it!

5. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is an American basketball player. A man who plays sports for a living. A profession that’s considered hyper-masculine (whatever that means). So, people were mad about this. About him wearing a skirt. But we do not care about their irrelevant comments. We love this. Russell Westbrook is the G.O.A.T.

6. Jaden Smith

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Adhering to strict binaries is not everyone’s choice of play. And Jaden Smith’s unforgettable lewks are proof. Often ridiculed for wearing dresses and skirts, Jaden is unmoved and also, a great example to look up to for fashion inspiration. Family genes coming in strong.

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