5 Mandala Artists To Follow On Instagram To Calm Your Frayed Nerves

Mandala Artist On Insta FI

Before I get into mandalas and mandala artists on Instagram how amazing their work is, I want to issue a caveat. That is that I am not artist. Some of my best artistic work includes awkward-shaped stick figures. In school, my portfolio of work was largely limited to objects requiring a lot of lines, so I could use a scale and there was some semblance of symmetry. My best work, due to this, was a comb.

So when I went into a mandala class, my expectations of the quality of work I could produce, were very low. Imagine my surprise when the mandala artist asked me to pull out a protractor and scale and then get down to it. This was my comfort zone. I could work with this. With my confidence restored, I got down to designing my mandala and I have to admit,I didn’t do a terrible job. But here’s what I realised. It’s extremely calming and soothing to make a mandala. There’s the repeated moves, the poetry of motion, I see why mandala artists enjoy their work so much.

I thoroughly enjoy drawing mandalas now. And so I decided to share the mandala artists on Instagram who are worth a follow. Because they are truly creating some fantastic stuff. On a day that you’re feeling particularly drained, hop over to their Instagram to calm frayed nerves and soothe a harrowed mind.

Here are the mandala artists I recommend you look at.

Mandalas By Chetna

Chetna Singla is a mandala artist and an art educator, she says in her bio on Instagram. Her account is your place to go to for mandala art inspiration. She also frequently conducts workshops where you can learn to make your version of this beautiful art form.

Mandalas By Divdrisht

Mandalas involve intricate work and Divdrisht’s work features plenty of detailing. I love that her work has pops of colour that take the mandala from regular to fabulous. She also offers workshops and classes to hone your skills or even learn to get the basics right. Besides mandala art, Divdrisht also dabbles in other art forms including resin art, illustrations and more.

Mandala With Sisters


The person behind mandala with sisters is Sakshi. Her account is a great discovery for beginners. She breaks down complicated patterns to simple motifs in her posts, making you feel like you could possibly pull off drawing a whole mandalas. Her Instagram account also features an interesting mix of cartoon characters infused with mandalas, an insight into her mind as a mandala artist.

Mandalas by Saloni

Saloni is a mandala artist whose work features food and flowers and for those reasons, she’s already got my heart. This cupcake one had me craving something sweet and wishing I had some talent, so well…feeling inadequate, but that’s on me. I love how she combines colours, art and her page is one of my favourite discoveries.

Mandalas By Dharshini

Dharshini is a mandala artist who combines her love for K pop with her mandala drawings. If you ever thought that the Twain shall not meet, Dharshini proves you wrong. She also makes keychains, murals and bookmarks, so if you want her work to go, you simply have to get in touch with her.

Images credit: Instagram

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