Manish Malhotra On His Prêt Label Diffuse’s Recent-Most Outing At Lakmé Fashion Week

Manish Malhotra

With terms like ‘gold digger, arm candy and high maintenance’ embossed on bags, jackets and sweatshirts, Diffuse by Manish Malhotra at the grand finale for Lakmé Fashion Week was a juxtaposition of tenderness and wit. Edgy in its making and in tune with the pulse of Gen Z, the prêt repertoire also featured Bollywood A-listers Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur walking down the ramp.

Rooted in the concept of retagging and reclaiming terms often used to belittle women, the collection which featured over a hundred looks and crammed front rows, was the biggest ever finale in the 22 year history of the fashion week. Here’s what Manish Malhotra had to say about his collection, his pivot to prêt and the collaboration with Lakmé.

ELLE: Please tell us about the inspiration for your newest collection at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI.

Manish Malhotra: It’s been one fabulous year of Diffuse and we thought it would be great to celebrate this momentous occasion at the grand finale of Lakmé Fashion Week. Lakmé approached us with the idea of retags. As a revived metaphor, I incorporated some hard-to-digest words and created a playful line of gaming-inspired designed and stylised silhouettes which proudly and loudly retag all of those societal tags to ‘someone who has a thirst for success’ and can undeniably embrace the labels.

ELLE: What are the cuts, colours and surface embellishments utilised in the collection?

Manish Malhotra: Prints inspired by various iconic board games in androgynous styles. Retagged Labels proudly and loudly have a blast with the colour palettes that embrace new meaning and eclectic moods, from stark blacks to shocking neon. There are statement monochromes, electric purples, and the use of high-octane palettes. Graphics created to match the ever-large world of gaming fanatics. All in all, the garments keep in check with the Gen-Z aesthetic but flaunt the classic touch of the brand with glamour-induced components and iconic constructs.

ELLE: Describe the Diffuse by Manish Malhotra clientele. What are their ages, interests and aesthetics like?

Manish Malhotra: It’s ageless, timeless and caters to an audience of ‘to each to its own’. No labels, mean no tag, no age, and no one as old or young to adorn Diffuse.

ELLE: Celebrated couturiers are now turning to diversifying their offerings with the help of prêt collections. Please shed some light on this pivot from your brand’s perspective.

Manish Malhotra: We’re expanding the brand reach and by expansion, we’re reaching a wider range of consumers while maintaining staying true to the brand. Diffuse features wearable designs, androgynous styles and conscious price points making them more accessible to a broader audience.

ELLE: Tell us about your association with Lakmé for this specific collection.

Manish Malhotra: I’ve had a long-standing association with Lakmé and when we work together, it’s always to make a difference and impact for all the good reasons. Manish Malhotra Diffuse X Lakmé UnapologeticallyMÉ is about reaching out to those who have been tagged in the wrong light to achieve success at their own terms and conditions.

- Digital Fashion Writer


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