ELLE Exclusive: Masaba Gupta Talks About Her New Limited Edition Collection ‘Kinda Kooture’

House of Masaba has just dropped its limited edition collection – Kinda Kooture: Mumbai to Mykonos, and I, for one, am running to check it out. The collection, true to Masaba’s distinct style boasts a palette of deep red, black, ivory and tan.


Kinda Kooture hosts limited edition pieces in various Indian-style silhouettes like blazers, cocktail pre-stitched saris with zardozi bustier blouses, corset and skirt sets, swing skirt sets and column dresses to name a few. The collection is now available for custom orders at the flagship store in Bandra and online at www.houseofmasaba.com.

In an exclusive with ELLE, Masaba describes her work on this collection as the kind of work she likes to do to stay alive artistically. Read ahead to know more about her favourite piece, her vision for the pieces and the birth of this collection.


ELLE: What’s your favourite piece from this collection?

Masaba Gupta (MG): My favourite piece is the ‘Ghana Gator’ Corset set in flaming red.

ELLE: ⁠Can you describe the ideal person you’ve created this collection for?

MG: The collection is for every kind of woman who likes to live and dress differently. It is for a woman who isn’t influenced by trends but is purely driven by self-expression. These are people who like to own pieces that are meaningful, statement, comfortable and easy to mix and match.

ELLE: Can you share any interesting anecdotes or behind-the-scenes stories from the making of this collection?

MG: A lot of this collection built up and happened in my head. It started with the ‘IDGAF’ dress which I wore earlier and it portrayed my state of mind – I was very comfortable in my physical body, I wasn’t in the mood to play safe anymore as a creative individual and was ready to present a new expression of the brand. It took me nearly 7 months to keep putting pieces together that ultimately formed the vision and this collection.

ELLE: ⁠How do you envision people incorporating pieces from this collection into their everyday wardrobes?

MG: People have their own unique ways of putting things together but I think this will allow them to play a little with their own wardrobes. The corsets will work beautifully with baggy jeans, the Biscuit Bra and whip will be a statement by the beach in Mykonos, and the All Charmed Veshti set is perfect for an interior decorator who lives in Bandra, wants to put on a T–shirt and walk over to a café for coffee and later put on the Ecru Mastya Bandi on her drive to a meeting. These are pieces for people who live tasteful lives and also travel tastefully. The Taffy Candy striped dress is ideal for a warm, breezy afternoon lunch in Capri.

ELLE: ⁠Lastly, what’s next for you and your brand after this collection launch?

MG:  I’m completely living in the moment and enjoying this brand new collection.

- Fashion Writer

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