Tribe Amrapali’s Matsya Captures The Spirit of The Seas And Celestial Bodies

Matsya Tribe Amrapali

Jewellery is often occasion-based. A carefully chosen ring with a diamond for a proposal. A piece that pass down from generation to the next, for a wedding. For these heirloom pieces, often thought is put into wearability, on the beauty of the piece and so much more. Matsya by Tribe Amrapali is likely to make it to many a curated collection. The collection is rich and rustic yet modern and dynamic. Inspired by Matsya, the collection is an ode to the mysteries of the sea and its deep connection to the grandeur of celestial bodies.

ELLE spoke to Akanksha Arora, the founder of Tribe Amrapali for the story behind this collection.

ELLE: What inspired this collection?

Akanksha Arora: The collection is divided in two parts, one is inspired by the mysteries of the ocean & one is inspired by the deep connection of the ocean with the sky. The designs feature the eponymous fish along with familiar nautical & celestial elements. Set alongside deep green malachite, mother of pearls & crystals, the designs are signed off with Tribe’s signature ode to Indian traditional jewellery-making techniques. This collection is particularly influenced by the heritage Gutta Pusalu necklace from Telangana’s coastal region. Literally meaning “a shoal of small fish” (Gutta) & “beads” (Pusalu) – clusters of charms & stones with delicate details are the hallmark of Matsya.

ELLE: What are some of the key pieces in the collection?

AA: Surya necklace & earrings
Ambar earrings
Chandra Hoops & bracelet
Malachite tiered necklace

ELLE: Who do you see wearing this?

AA: People who are fond of the mystique cosmos and its elements would definitely enjoy wearing pieces from this collection. We have a wide variety of pieces designed keeping in mind the sensibilities of all age groups, we have different options in the same, there are hoops & studs, choker & tiered necklaces, you can layer them together or wear separately. This collection can be paired with Indian or western outfits, it’s modern yet has an Indian DNA.

ELLE: What are some of the recurring motifs and why have you used those?

AA:  The collection has elements like the sun, moon, and stars which are made with rice pearls, malachite & oxidized silver, it has the celestial elements as the collection is inspired by the cosmos & the deep connection of the ocean with the sky.

- Digital Editor


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