Leave it to Luke


A headbanging, metal-loving teenager from South London, Luke Sital-Singh metamorphosed into a sensitive singer-songwriter after listening to the Damien Rice album O. Now the 26-year-old’s mellow music is inspired by killer whales and tornadoes.

He’s racking up big comparisons

Names like Bon Iver and Damien Rice frequently appear in the same sentence as his. The self-taught 25-year-old from England agrees they’re major influences, and more recently, so is Bruce Springsteen. “I joined the party very late; I’ve just started going through his catalog of work.”

TV loves him

Two months after his first EP, Fail For You, released in 2012, its title track was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. “It was a bit distracting from the show,” he laughs. Last year, The Vampire Diaries picked up his single ‘Bottled Up Tight’.

His debut album is in the works

Parlophone, the label that handles Coldplay and Gorillaz, will release his first album in May this year. We can look forward to a sound that is melancholic and brooding (like Fail For You) or orchestral (like his latest EP, Tornados), or both.

He has weird muses

At a gig, he announced: “This is my gay bestiality song,” before launching into ‘Luna’, a song about a killer whale. Also, ‘Tornado Town’ is inspired by a Channel 4 documentary on a tornado that ripped through America. “It’s about losing everything and starting over.”

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