Meet Detachable Sleeves, The Newest Fashion Fad In Town

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Imagine you’re running late thanks to multiple Zoom meetings and have to log in to your best friend’s e-party but got no time to change. What if there was a way to amp up your look in an instant with the addition of a single element? New Delhi-based label Heart Up My Sleeves offers just that by creating transformable clothing. As the name suggests, the label featuring detachable sleeves in various fabrics and styles aims to make a statement piece that not only turns up your glam quotient in a minute but can also be reused and re-worn for multiple occasions.

Launched by sisters Riya and Chandni Khattar, the duo is no stranger to fashion designing. Since their parents are in the business of manufacturing clothing, they have always been passionate about fashion and dreamed of creating something unique with purpose. During the pandemic, they realised the importance of sustainable living more than ever and wanted fashion to be a part of it, which is what led to Heart Up My Sleeves.  The brand, which only launched in December 2020, has already gained a lot of recognition and established an audience in India and on a global scale.

Riya and Chandni Khattar, Founders, Heart Up My Sleeves

In conversation with Riya and Chandni, we talk all about their funky label, how you can style the sleeves, future plans, and more.

ELLE: Tell us more about Heart Up My Sleeves.  

Riya Khattar (RK): With the idea to create a fashion accessory that could be reused to create multiple outfits, something that is trendy yet affordable and exclusive, our intent is to instantly raise the glam quotient of your everyday outfits while also making a statement with sustainability. We aim to promote the idea of how statement outfits can be curated at home. They don’t necessarily have to be bought from international fast-fashion brands. That’s the spirit behind our label.

ELLE: What are the different styles of sleeves that you design? 

Chandni Khattar (CK):  Be it work, party or wedding, we got something for every trendy birdie in town. Being mindful of the versatility quotient, every piece in our collection has been meticulously handcrafted to suit your Indian and Western outfits needs to perfection. From sequins to frill and balloon to flair, the sleeves are available in every size, cloth, and colour for a holistic and wholesome choice. We also go the extra mile with customisation options and round-the-clock support for a more refined outcome. Our statement pieces are created by rich Indian craftsmen with materials such as cotton, sequins, organza, taffeta etc.

ELLE: How can people style these detachable sleeves for different occasions? Can you share some tips? 

CK: These sleeves complement every outfit, whether it is ethnic or western. Turn your day outfit of a basic white tee and jeans into a party look just by adding any of the sleeves and a pair of heels. To reuse any of your old sarees, throw a pair of dazzling sleeves, over a crop top, along with your favourite jewellery to look glamourous in seconds! Accentuating your monochrome outfit can simply be done by including some contrasting statement sleeves. While some sleeves are eye-catching, others also magnify elegance. Bodycon sleeveless dresses look exceptional with our lace variants. To style with pants and work outfits, add a pair of neutral-coloured sleeves, and you are good to go!

ELLE: What are your thoughts on sustainability, and how does Heart Up My Sleeves incorporate it with its designs? 

RK: Heart Up My Sleeves wants people to use their existing/old outfits and style them in 5-10 different ways with one or two pairs of sleeves. Rather than buying 1o new outfit, buy two pairs of sleeves and voila! That’s how we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Our brand also wants to promote the local buying culture. Our labourers are locals, and we want to promote their work.

ELLE: What are your future plans for the brand? 

CK: We plan to launch an Indian collection solely for traditional outfits. Recently, we added denim statement pieces to our collection and have more in play for our brand.

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