Melanie Francesca Takes The Readers On A Magical Journey With The Angel


If there’s one thing everyone needs to know about Melanie Francesca, it is that there’s not pigeon holing here. She’s been a model, a weekly columnist at covered Italian publications and even a radio and TV commentator. Now, her 13th book is out on stands.

Melanie Francesca’s work has been recognized in the UAE by the Minister of Tolerance H.H. Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan who believes in her exceptional talent. An evidence to which is her artistic journey that spans from Dubai to Europe. Her magical artwork ‘The Box’ made its way from Dubai to the esteemed Primaticcio Gallery in Rome.

Francesca enjoys the spiritual approach to the life, the karmic vision and the concept of reincarnation that Indians live by. These Indian spiritual concepts are some of the themes addressed in her new book ‘The Angel’.

The Angel is based on a spiritual vision of life, in which she highlights the concept of karma. According to her karma is nothing more than continuing to identify ourselves with matter instead of with the space of the spirit.

The book takes us on Dixi’s journey, who is immersed in matter and for that she suffers. She is trapped in a dangerous, annihilating relationship, she comes from a difficult family situation, of abandonment, everything can be traced back to the wound with which she was born and for which everything that happens to her repeats itself endlessly to show the original wound

Francesca has set her novel in a dark, gothic atmosphere, a rock music like Jim Morrison’s words that return frequently to remind us that nothing is as solid as it seems, to break the patterns with which we are used to seeing the world. Francesca enchants her readers to see the world from a spiritual view, where in, Dixi’s story begins in the early 2000’s Paris, where she is born into a wealthy french family.

Melanie Francesca’s The Angel can be found on all digital platforms. Here is what the author has to say about her book:

Can you tell us a bit about the invisible world?

Anyone who claims that the invisible world does not exist is right: for him, it does not exist. I, too, firmly believe only in the things I hear and see. We just see different things. For example, the bat sees by ultrasound, without science telling us that they exist, would we see or hear them too? Even the world of the spirit is physical, like an ultrasound. One day we will be able to perceive it because we will open new sensory doors in our bodies.

People tend to brand a book about angel’s as fantasy. What is your take on it?

We are the gates of the angels, through us they show their harmony. Music, books, songs: the human body that becomes an instrument of beauty. So what is fantasy if not the expression of love that you can’t see you can’t touch but it exists?

Can you elaborate about the human and angel relationship?

Angels are in love with us because they see us like children. They are in love with our limitations, but also with what they don’t have, a body. They are attracted by this materiality so different from them, and when we enjoy the wonder of the world through our flesh, they vibrate with happiness. We are a bit like little animals to them, happy to rummage between food, sleep, love, and fusion with the miracle of nature. The body has been given to us to live it fully without crippling it with ideas of sin. Everything is divine. The body is the temple of the spirit.

Your have written a story of abandonment, betrayal and healing. How do you identify with them?

The story of betrayal is narrated through the life of Dixi who, because of the initial wound of abandonment, recalls situations in which she is continually abandoned. Healing happens when we decide to break this chain of repetitions and errors, but it is a decision that must come from the heart not from the head. Wanting something doesn’t mean getting it. We have to go through a radical transformation of being, and we only go through the heart.

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