The (Man)icure Is Here To Stay.

Men with nail polish

If you’re a short nail girl like me, thanks to the active biting sessions at the first sign of stress, you’d probably understand the worth of painted talons and the beauty it brings with it. A manicure session at the salon provides a mini-retreat for women, from girl dates to innumerable banter sessions. Most of us are thankful that walls can hear but not talk (PS: I would get into much trouble). And while it’s true that girls just want to have fun, it’s 2022 and now it looks like the men also want in. Yes, men with nail polish is a thing now.

Manicures, traditionally considered a “feminine” pastime, are no longer classified as such, courtesy to men across the globe thwarting all such notions. Men with nail polish is now considered mainstream. Whilst we appreciate the shift in the rhetoric surrounding beauty and machismo, men wearing nail polish isn’t a new phenomenon. Artists David Bowie and Kurt Cobain have made headlines for wearing nail paint for more than a decade. Well, it’s visibly made its way back into our lives (yay), but this time around with a different aesthetic, with modern celebrity men like Harry Styles and Machine Gun Kelly donning not only basic painted nails but also elaborate nail art with some even launching their own nail paint lines.

Not inspired enough? These celebs’ bold nail art choices will undoubtedly persuade you to run to a local nail salon.

Harry Styles

Styles has given us yet another reason to fawn over him. The pop star has been bucking gender stereotypes, and he was also quick to join the nail polish cult. Aside from his bold fashion choices, he also broke the internet ( nothing new, let’s just say) with his mani lineups, my particular favourite being the smiley faces.

Image Courtesy – Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly 

Want to add an extra oomph to your look? Well, let MGK teach you how, with his extravagant nail art choices. MGK has always been in the press, whether it’s for some style inspiration, couple goals, or even his nails, there is really nothing to stop’em. In addition to his artistic manicure picks, he has entered the beauty space by launching his own nail paint line,  UNDN/LAQR, with the tagline “Don’t huff the paint.” He makes men with nail polish look fabulous.

Image Courtesy – Instagram

A$AP Rocky

This rapper, quite literally, understands how to ‘nail’ every look. If basic isn’t your style, Asap Rocky is the man for you; his nail art inspiration ranges from anything playful to outlandish!

Image Courtesy – Instagram

Brad Pitt

People who say manicures are girly haven’t seen men with nail polish and absolutely rocking it. Before manicures were really a thing, there was one man who was ahead of the curve: Brad Pitt, who turned up to the Palm Springs Film Festival in 2015 wearing some nail paint. My dream partner? A charming, suave, attractive man with some nail paint (please), sounds like Brad Pitt to me.

Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Mark Jacobs 

Well, it only makes creative sense if a fashion connoisseur preaches it. Why wear it once when you can wear it every day?  There is one accessory common in all his outfits, and that’s some snazzy nail paint of course!

Image Courtesy – Instagram

While we, Indians folks, might be a tad bit late to the party, we aren’t far behind. Despite the fact that male paint appears to hold a not- so great reputation among the wider populace, Indian celebrities such as Varun Dhawan and Rahul Khanna are quickly following suit and embracing the movement.


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