The Mermaidcore Makeup Trend Is Going To Dominate 2023 For Real


The influx of aesthetics seems to have no end! Just as we’re getting used to making Barbiecore our personality, a new aesthetic, called Mermaidcore is topping the trend chart for its glossy vibe. Blame Halle Bailey’s portrayal of everybody’s favourite sea princess in The Little Mermaid or the dazzling runways of Spring/Summer 2023. The aesthetic comes with a dash of glitterthink Euphoria-level glam having a crossover with siren eyes.

Mermaidcore at its roots is characterised by slicked-back hair, fluffy brows and a mix of teals, sea greens and Veri Peri(s) when it comes to the overall look. However, at the core, it’s the perfect amalgamation of gloss and glitter. Think glossy lids, cheeks, and lips with iridescent and holographic shimmer, a facet that reeled me in entirely. Mermaidcore has the power to embrace maximalism and minimalism at the same time.

Fancy transforming yourself into a mermaid? Here’s all the inspo you need:

Wet Hair


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Wet hair with waves is the first step to making mermaidcore a part of your personality. For reference, Megan Fox’s iconic hairstyle for the 2021 VMAs broke the internet. She was seen flaunting the wet hair look that grabbed more eyeballs than her outfit. You can either opt for an ultra-sleek hairstyle or go ahead and give it some volume with a few waves. The key to ensuring your hair looks wet like you’ve just stepped out of the ocean, is to use the correct hair gel and styling products that offer gloss and shine.

Fluffy Brows

Feathered brows are the perfect way to make your eyebrows look defined and natural at the same time. Gone are the days of pigmented pomades and filled brows, we’re only relying on eyebrow pencils and gels, thanks to Gigi Hadid who made it popular with her runway looks.

Oceanic Eyes

While siren eyes had a massive moment last year, mermaidcore is taking oceanic eyes to new heights, or should we say new depths? All thanks to the Y2K resurgence, blue eyeshadow has been a supermodel favourite lately. Hues of blue, purple and green exude just the right amount of mermaid energy, even more so if they’re metallic shades. Personally, I enjoy mixing these colours to achieve a cool shade that stands out!

Bejewelled Magic

Let’s be real, all of us enjoyed Euphoria for the beauty mood board it left us with. Several makeup trends came from the show and the glam group was happy. Imagine bejewelled eyes with the hues of teal and lilac. A bunch of colourful rhinestones in mermaidcore hues would certainly pass the vibe check but if you’re looking for something a tad bit minimal, choose classic silver rhinestones you can never go wrong with.

Glossy Cheeks


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Highlighters have been our trusted companions when it comes to achieving a blinding glow, but mermaidcore is all about the glossy high-shine effect which delivers a fresh glow to your skin minus the extra highlight. Face glosses are all the rage right now because they’re the secret to unlocking a natural radiance. All you need to do is dab a face gloss on the high points of your face and you’re all set with a dewy, lacquered look.


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