Micellar Water For Hair? Here’s What Experts Have To Say About It

Micellar Water For Hair Trend

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in enhancing scalp health to tackle frizzy, dry, and dull hair, hair fall and hair loss. Micellar water is already a favourite among skincare enthusiasts to remove makeup without using water. But this French pharmacy staple is equally beneficial for the scalp too. It is now crucial to treat your scalp with care; thus, micellar water for hair has emerged as an unlikely hero. This is especially true for city-slickers dealing with dandruff, flaky scalp and hard water damage.

Dr Niketa Sonavane, Celebrity Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai, explained, “Micelles are small lipid molecules that can attract dirt and oil to themselves. In contrast to other cleansing agents, micelles bind to impurities while leaving essential nutrients intact, allowing them to be rinsed away to reveal clean, nourished hair.” She reveals micellar water to be gentle but effective for removing product build-up, pollutants, and sweat from the scalp and hair.

How does Micellar Water Work For Hair?

Using micellar water for hair isn’t exactly a novel concept. Micellar shampoos already contain micellar water as their primary ingredient. Micellar water molecules have a water-soluble external and an oil-soluble internal layer. Their clarifying properties work on all hair textures and help restore balance to the hair, resulting in improved shine, body, and bounce. But how can plain micellar water cleanse your scalp?

Micellar water molecules have a water-soluble external and an oil-soluble internal layer. Dr Divya Sharma, a dermatologist and trichologist based out of Bengaluru, explained, “The lipid core (internal layer) attaches itself to (and cleanses) dirt and sebum, while the water exterior remains gentle to your hair.” She further says that while effective, micellar water may not be as good as an actual shampoo. “Technically, micellar water can cleanse the scalp. It would be as good as a very mild shampoo with a low power surfactant. But, it cannot be as good as a shampoo,” she further elaborated. She attributes the popularity of micellar water for hair to the fact that it can cleanse the hair without over-drying it.

The Benefits Of Using Micellar Water For Hair

Dr Niketa revealed, “When compared to a clarifying shampoo, micellar shampoo has all of the dirt-removing properties of the latter without stripping scalp’s natural oil or harming your hair. Therefore, if you have ever struggled with product build-up or dry, brittle hair, micellar water is for you.” Some of the other benefits of micellar water for hair are:

1. It can be safely used on curly, dry or chemically-processed hair, as it does not strip your hair of much-needed hydration. Pure micellar water targets dirt and oil without compromising your hair.

2. Washing your hair with micellar water can make it more manageable. The molecules can extract dirt and oil from each strand, acting as a lubricant and detangling hair in the shower much more effortless.

3. Another significant advantage of micellar water is that it is gentle enough to be used on sensitive scalps. The use of micellar shampoo will not worsen the condition of a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp. Instead, the molecules exfoliate dead skin cells gently, resulting in less flaking and dandruff on the scalp.

4. A micellar wash can be pretty beneficial for people who exercise daily, use many holding products, or have oilier hair. It will remove dirt and oil from the hair while being gentle enough to use daily if necessary.

5. Dr Divya believes it can help you reach your hair growth goals. She revealed, “A clean scalp is a must for good hair growth. Anything that cleanses the scalp without irritating or drying your hair follicle would do wonders for hair growth. Micellar water has the advantage of not stripping the scalp of natural oils to the extent that it causes inflammation. Understand that the natural oil you generate on the scalp is also a hair moisturiser, so we want the pH of that oil to be normal. Micellar of water would help you maintain the pH without over-drying the scalp and without over-drying the hair.”

How To Use Micellar Water For Hair

Dr Niketa has a handy tip for whoever is curious: “To use micellar water as a hair and scalp cleanser, fill it in an applicator bottle and apply it over your scalp and hair before you hit the shower. Give your scalp a good massage and gently suds-up your hair. Rinse it out, and you’re ready to use your deep conditioner.”

However, Dr Divya recommends against switching to micellar water for hair full time. “I would say an urban person cannot switch or shampoo with only micellar water. But, yes, you can increase the frequency of your hair wash, especially in conditions like dandruff or oily scalp, which is where we ask people to wash the scalp regularly,” she says. She recommends alternating with a regular shampoo. It can also be co-mixed with your regular shampoo for oily scalps but can be used on its own for sensitive ones. You should also note that it will be pretty pricey to go through bottles of micellar water quickly, so tread lightly with this one!

Photos: Pexels, Instagram

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