From Miley Cyrus To Cher, Bob Mackie’s Tastefully Flamboyant Designs Have Stood The Test Of Time

Bob Mackie

If ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus reigned on your Spotify Wrapped this year, we’re sure you’re still smiling ear to ear courtesy her 2x win at the Grammys yesterday. Props to her dedication on the sartorial grounds as well – there were 4 outfit changes, all pristinely executed. A clear standout was her Bob Mackie number worn for her performance of ‘Flowers.’ The silk chiffon piece was hand-beaded and encrusted in crystal and silver rhinestones, along with some coloured sequins from his 2002 ‘To Broadway With Love’ collection.

For starters, Bob Mackie’s no stranger to the performance arm of couture fashion. The American costumier celebrated for sprucing up the OG Mattel Barbie doll’s wardrobe has also been credited with propelling Cher’s pop-star status to the forefront, with his ensembles. With monikers like ‘sultan of sequins’ or ‘the rajah of rhinestones’ attached to his name, Bob Mackie’s sparkling design signature has helped him earn nine Emmy Awards alongside a three time nomination for an Academy Award.

The Cher Connect

Since the late 1960s, Cher and Bob Mackie have undoubtedly been inseparable and have collaborated to create a legion of famous ensembles by fusing her captivating stage presence with his spectacular costumery. Lensed here are Sonny Bono and Cher wearing the iconic midriff-baring Bob Mackie set at the 1973 Oscars.

Seems like Megan Fox had cutouts of Cher plastered on her bedroom wall. Easily the OG when there’s talk of popularising the then scandalous naked dress by bringing it to the mainstream, this see-through gown is one of her most iconic looks till date.

For the 1985 Met Gala themed Royal India Exhibit, Cher donned a semi-sheer ensemble which was in fact a single layer of tulle and beads that effortlessly complimented the velvet floor-sweeping skirt and the OTT ear cuffs.

By 1986, Cher was settling into her Hollywood groove with multiple roles both in development and on the horizon and opted for a stunning black Bob Mackie creation that evoked the look of a showgirl for the Academy’s invitation to present at the event. Cher also proclaimed that this ensemble is one of her favourite looks.

Bob Mackie’s Fiery Number

Bob Mackie

Cher gave modelling a go in 1978 and wore the iconic flame outfit in one of the designer’s fashion shots. She really was that girl, you know.

Tina Turner looked amazing in Bob Mackie’s iconic flame design, which she wore with an orange feather shroud at a concert in 1978. It was like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes.

At the 2005 Kennedy Centre Honours, Beyoncé honoured Tina Turner by performing a tribute act while donning Bob Mackie’s signature flame dress—a piece of clothing her idol had worn 27 years back.

From The Archives

Zendaya wore a vintage patchwork gown by American designer Bob Mackie to the 2022 Time100 Gala dinner. According to reports, stylist Law Roach was granted “rare” access to the archive showcasing the Fall 1998 look.

Here’s Anya Taylor Joy at the Los Angeles premiere of Emma in vintage Bob Mackie, back in 2020. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s gown in My Fair Lady, this one’s a masterclass in paying homage to yesteryear icons the right way.

Images via Getty & Pinterest

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