Milind Soman On His Running Routine, His Love For Fruits And How He Manages To Look Like He Isn’t Ageing

You’ve got to hand it to Milind Soman; he’s got us all moving. From the time he emerged from a box in Made in India (1995) to now, where we see him conquer the trails in all kinds of terrains, we’ve all had a little crush on him. Sure, his Greek god looks undoubtedly help, but a few of us (I talk about myself) have also been inspired to start our own fitness regime. So when I got a chance to speak with Soman, I jumped at it. He was in another country, and the interview required him to be up at an odd hour, but he was a sport. Once the network issues were resolved, his voice, laden with sleep, had me at hello.

This was a peek into Soman’s lifestyle. I spoke to him about all things running, fruits and his love for PUMA’s Nitro range.

I started by asking him how he has stayed so fit, and the answer was quite surprising. Soman says, “I don’t go to the gym, I don’t have a diet, but I live a healthy lifestyle. I get enough sleep and eat everything, but I know when and how much to eat. And I am very active. I think it’s because I am regular and consistent- this is a lifestyle I have had for more than 50 years.”


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He goes on to say that mindfulness is essential to him. “I don’t have any particular habit, but I like participating in things that are good for me. I try to have more good habits than bad ones. My worst habit right now is waking up late.”

He shares that he’s in Rome currently and spends his days looking for the best pizzas, gelatos, and running routes the place has to offer. The conversation turns to his skincare regime, and he says he doesn’t use sunscreen, causing the beauty girls to palpitate. He then quite candidly admits he never uses makeup, even on shoots.

A glance through Soman’s profile will tell you that he enjoys running barefoot. The deal with a shoe brand seems like a departure, then. He says, “Of course, I love running barefoot. I find it very comforting and liberating. In some situations, I have to run in shoes, for example, in the desert or the sand. Especially when I run in the afternoon, the sand is scorching. Or in the snow, in ice. When I am at higher altitudes with low temperatures, I definitely need my shoes. And then I have to choose the best shoes that I can find. And for me right now, the Puma Nitro is fantastic. It’s a great shoe, very light, and it gives my feet the kind of space they need to move.” He says that on his bucket list is the Pangong Frozen Lake Half Marathon, which he plans to do soon.

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