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Before this interview, as I research Miranda Kerr (online), two common themes about the model-turned-entrepreneur emerge. The first focuses on her appearance—specifically skin that would make a baby jealous (we now have her secret but more on that later). The second highlights how she is always radiating kindness ‘with’, and I quote, ‘not a mean bone in her body.’ Both observations turn out to be overwhelmingly true. As we sit down for our cross continental video interview, the beauty mogul admits that it’s a conscious effort to stay positive. “I want to be a light in this world. When I was a child, my mother embroidered this onto my pillow. From day one, I always felt like hopefully, I can uplift someone, you know, through them having any interaction with me.”

Flap Pocket Vinyl Dress by Louis Vuitton; earrings on the right ear, stylist’s own; earring on the left ear by Jenny Bird.

Miranda began her modelling career at the tender age of 13 and was catapulted to global fame soon after. The world seemed to have Miranda fever—from becoming Australia’s first and only Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007 to working with fashion houses such as Prada, Chanel and Christian Dior, you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing her familiar light eyes and angelic face.

KORA Calling

Modelling, however, was always going to be a stepping stone to a grander plan. “It was something I enjoyed, but I knew it was a short-lived job. I continued to save my money to be able to invest in my future, depending on what it is I wanted to do.” Ultimately, she found her calling in KORA Organics—an award-winning, certified organic skincare brand born in 2009, fuelled by her entrepreneurial spirit, passion for holistic living and years of knowledge about health and nutrition. “I was talking to a friend of mine back in 2006 about the fact that I was eating certified organic but I couldn’t find a single certified organic skincare brand. Through a common connection, I got in touch with a laboratory I could work with [to bring my vision to life] and the rest is history.”

Blue sequin dress with feathers on sleeves by Prabal Gurung; Earrings JUSTDESI.

Born and raised in the small country town of Gunnedah, Australia, Miranda’s love for health and wellness comes from her upbringing. “My grandparents had a little organic vegetable patch. And so, I learned from a young age the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. In fact, my grandma introduced me to noni juice when I was only 13 years old. I’m now 38 and besides drinking it I also apply it to my skin—it is the key ingredient across the whole KORA Organics range.” (FYI, Noni is a fruit native to the South Pacific Islands known to be rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals).

Embroidered Collarless Single Breasted Fitted Jacket, Sleeveless Single Breasted Top, Straight Cut Pants with Exposed Zipper, all Louis Vuitton; earrings Cast Jewelry.

Her passion for KORA is contagious. We catch ourselves discussing crystal healing for a better part of the interview. “My grandfather was a professional house mover. And so, he would have to uproot entire structures and underneath them he would often find huge geode crystals. I was drawn to them from when I was a child.” You can see this affinity reflected in the range as each product is energised with a bevy of crystals be it rose quartz, aquamarine or even citrus to uplift the experience. I also discover that she has designed all the brand collaterals herself including their refillable pods which minimises waste. “As strongly as I feel about the mind-body-skin connection, the most important thing is that the products give you the results you need in a healthy way.” The difficult-to-please beauty influencer set certainly seems to agree. One might question whether this is just another celebrity-led beauty brand but Miranda answers the question before it comes up: “I’m not doing this to make money, I haven’t taken a cent out of the company. I’m doing it to create products that can really help transform people’s skin.”

Long sleeve nude dress, and nude sandals, both Balmain; earrings Cast Jewelry.

Family First

While she fondly calls KORA Organics her baby girl, Miranda is mother to three beautiful boys—Flynn, Hart and Myles whom she raises with husband Evan Spiegel (co-founder and CEO of Snap Inc.). Even he is not immune to the charms of the Turmeric Exfoliating Mask and Turmeric Glow Moisturiser, she admits with a satisfied smile. The pair lead a balanced life in LA—you know they’re committed to being healthy, especially as she reveals they had their first ever date at a yoga class! The day begins at 5 am with meditation and a workout. “Before the children have opened their eyes I’m done with my morning and that moment I needed for myself. That is really important for me; I want to ensure that I can fill my own cup before I can say that I’m overflowing with love and energy for my family and my work.”

Flap Pocket Vinyl Dress by Louis Vuitton; earrings on the right ear, stylist’s own; earring on the left ear by Jenny Bird.

What is the most Australian thing about Miranda I ask? “I’m pretty chill. Australians are known for being easy going. Nothing could really get under my skin. I’m always thinking, oh, well, you know, let’s just get on with it mate.” I’m not surprised when she tells me that the most overused piece in her wardrobe is a cashmere blend sweatshirt she got from a Louis Vuitton modelling job 13 years ago. “I also have a personal relationship with Nicolas (Ghesquière, Creative Director, Louis Vuitton). Even when he was at Balenciaga, he really believed in me. When I had been categorised as a commercial model, he took me from there to high fashion.” Another favourite is Dior. “Obviously, I wore a Dior dress for my wedding. Maria Grazia (Chiuri, Creative Director, Dior) is a friend and I love her designs. She really knows how to make something so traditional stand the test of time.”

Chocolate brown dress by Balmain.

Boy Or Girl

The future is full of possibilities. The wedding dress in question has been wrapped and stored safely for an exciting reason—“My husband really wants to try for a baby girl. I told him let’s think about it in the new year. We’ll probably have another boy which I think is great because I love it. But he’s adamant about having a girl so [if that wish comes true] then maybe she could wear it.”

Purple sequin shirt by Tom Ford; earrings VRAI.

The ultimate aim for her and Evan, she reveals, is to grow and be better versions of themselves everyday. On a professional front, as the Founder and CEO of KORA Organics, she has already grown the brand to retail in over 30 countries worldwide. The plan is to continue expansion and innovation. “[Evan] with his company, is helping people be in the moment, have fun, and learn about the world through Snapchat. Similarly, I’m hoping that my products can help people feel more balanced in their mind, body and skin. Also, to watch our children grow every day is something that we both [deeply] enjoy.”

And on that note our chat comes to an end. Miranda excuses herself to go put her children to bed. After all, the entrepreneur is a mother first.

KORA Organics is available across leading Indian retailers (online & in-store). For further details, visit Koraorganics.com

Content director & Editor: Kamna Malik; Photographer: Veronica Sams; Stylist: Jessica Paster (Uncommon Artists); Hair: Nicole Konovaloff; Makeup: Ericka Verrett (represented by A-Frame Agency); Cover design: Sanjana Suvarna; Assisted by: Kevin Coffey, Maya Sacks, Kelly Wade, Ian Verboon (Photography).

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