MISHO X Post For Change Have Started An Important Conversation With Their Latest Campaign, #EndColorism 


#EndColorism: A simple hashtag that translates into a social campaign that aims to start a conversation and challenge beauty standards that have been around for centuries. Suhani Parekh, founder of Misho Designs and Diipa Khosla, influencer, founder of Post For Change and TEDx Speaker have used the simplest method to have an essential conversation in India: Buy a necklace and help end colour prejudice. How you ask? 

Keeping inclusivity and beauty beyond colour as the heart of the campaign, both Suhani and Diipa realised that India’s skin colour bias feeds into a multibillion-dollar industry and has even seeped into our culture. “Growing up, it was impossible to escape the widespread attitude of colour prejudice. I was fortunate to grow up in a family, where the colour of my skin meant nothing. The cultural stigma, however, is so ingrained into the way we think, that despite growing up around so much positivity, I was still afraid of that summer tan, still wished I was fairer for years and didn’t truly feel comfortable in my skin well into my late 20’s,” shares Suhani.

With the idea of equating fair with beautiful ingrained in us, over centuries, Suhani and Diipa have started with the basics: having conversations around colour prejudice. The two have come together to launch Wendcolorism, a necklace designed by Misho. Proceeds from the sale of the necklace will be donated to Post For Change who will use the funds to organise awareness campaigns and events to address the stigma of colourism in India. 

“Growing up in an Indian family, I’ve had to face some struggles regarding my skin tone. The people around me and the media kept telling me I was too dark, implying a negative connotation with the fact. I was told that I’d have fewer opportunities in my future because of it, almost as if my skin colour was a burden I’d have to carry. Although I managed to overcome my insecurities, deciding to embrace my skin colour in all its pigmentation, I’m aware of the fact that there are thousands of people who haven’t come to terms with their identity yet. This project was aimed at them, at my younger self, all in the hopes to end stigmas carried down from past generations, associating our rich and warm colours with negativity. We have pledged to enlighten mindsets and encourage the minds and hearts of every person battling with themselves, to truly embrace their own beauty,” shares Diipa.

“At Post for Change, we have pledged to question traditional beauty standards and embrace the world’s beautiful colour palate be it dark or light. While attitudes have started to change, the battle against the age-old stigma is far from won. Please join us by purchasing the EndColorism necklace and wearing it proudly to help raise funds and awareness to conquer the fight against colourism!” Diipa adds.

A simple message. A huge impact. Let’s #EndColorism.

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