13 Mismatched Nail Art Designs For The Maximalist In You

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In contrast to the sober minimalism that has been dominant for the past two years, 2022 invites you to take the more flamboyant route. Move over basic french tips and monochromatic colour schemesβ€” mismatched nail art is here to infuse some maximalist energy in your life. Skittle colours? Yes, please. Flames, checks, hearts, flowers? We’ll take it all! Psst, they have Lizzo’s stamp of approval. Here are 13 mismatched manicures that you can bookmark for your next nail appointment:

1. Remixed French Tips

In the wise words of Nicki Minaj, “Who wants to look simple when you can look stunning.”

2. Cottagecore-esq


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Take your love for cottagecore up a notch by getting a manicure to complement the countryside life.

3. Abstract Matte

Here’s your sign to turn your nails into your canvas for your next abstract painting. Don’t forget to add a finishing touch with a matte top coat!

4. Pastel Power

What’s summer without some cotton candy colours?

5. Electric Love

We’re in the mood for emoji eyes, thunder clouds, lightning bolts and cherries on the top!

6. Sunny Day

Dip your nails in the vibrant hues of summer candy and take the sunshine with you wherever you go.

7. Think Pink


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Orange may not be the new pink but it sure does pair well with the colour!

8. Artsy

Can’t fully let go of your minimalist aesthetic? Pair some line art with bright colour blocks to get the best of both worlds.

9. Soft Girl

Match your nails to your pretty pastel outfit to complete your soft girl look.

11. Beach Day

Reminiscing about a sunny summer day at the beach? This abstract nail art is sure to transport you right there.

10. Heat Wave

Mix and match some hot wheels flames with melting smiley faces and you’ve got the perfect manicure for the ongoing heat wave.

12. Glow In The Dark

Grab all the attention at your next beach rave party with glow in the dark nail art.

13. A Mix Of Aesthetics

Into fierce tiger stripes, statement flames and green aliens but also cute pandas, soft clouds and cherries? Don’t choose between aesthetics, blend them instead

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