Moon Water Is Really A Thing, Here’s How You Can Make It


Get ready to bathe in the silver light of the night as you whisper sweet nothings to the moon. It’s no secret that this celestial body has a direct impact on our psyche. Representing the subconscious, emotional and intuitive aspects of our being— the moon is full of magical mysteries. For all the sceptics rolling their eyes, I would like to point out that the moon does in fact affect the tides, and our bodies are 70% water. Connect the dots? The energies are at their peak during a full moon resulting in a powerful manifestation portal. Want a way to bottle up this vibrant magic? Make moon water (it’s Victoria Beckham approved). 


What Is Moon Water?

Simply put, it is water that has been charged under the moonlight and holds that potent energy. The most popular time to make moon water is during a full moon. However, do make sure that it’s not a lunar eclipse night. Representing our shadow selves, eclipses are great for releasing and not manifesting. Moon water can be used in various ways— you can drink it, put it in your tea, spray it around the house, clean your floor, put it in your bathwater or essential oil diffuser, use it to cleanse your crystals etc.

How To Make Moon Water 

1. Pick out a transparent jar or bottle and fill it up with water. Make sure the water is safe to drink if that’s what you plan on doing with it. 

2. Hold it in your hands as you stand under the moonlight, close your eyes, visualise the moon’s light flowing through you and into the water as you set your intention. You could also write down your affirmations in present tense and place them under the container. Your belief is what sparks the magic.

3. Need some extra healing energy? Put some water-safe crystals in the water (optional). 

4. Place the container on a windowsill or on your balcony under the moonlight for a couple of hours or overnight. You could also take this time to meditate under the moon.

5. Your moon water is ready to use!

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- Digital Writer


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