Move Over Jade Rollers, These New Face Tools Have Our Attention

Our Instagram feeds are sprinkled with jade rollers that promise to de-puff, sculpt and brighten tired faces. These classic tools are now being joined by new and improved versions of themselves and other high-tech at-home devices that are just as effective. “These tools educate and empower them to take care of their skin without leaving the comfort of their home. They give users the ultimate experience that’s preventive and therapeutic,” explains Vibhuti Arora, face yoga practitioner and founder of skincare brand, House of Beauty. Seriously, some of these will even convince you to postpone that in-clinic treatment you were planning to step out for. From gua sha stones to tech-based gadgets that’ll change the way you mask, here are seven tools to shake up your beauty routine…

Foreo UFO2, INR 23,157


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Foreo’s new masking tool brings spa-quality facials to your home. The Ur Future Obsession or UFO 2 device has eight different LED light settings that tackle every skin concern. Different colours of light treat various skin conditions like red boosts collagen production, blue and white zap bacteria and puffiness, purple, yellow and orange heal inflamed skin.  Plus, this one heats up to 45 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature that opens pores and allows skincare to sink in, five times faster than the original UFO. All you have to do is attach your chosen mask on the gadget and get started.

Isa Ice Therapy, INR 1,950

Fill the reusable cone that the add-on sachets of herbs and water and seal it with the cap. Pop it into the freezer and voila! A few hours later, you’ll have an herb-infused cold tool that de-puffs skin and boosts blood circulation. Bonus: you don’t have to deal with the annoying feeling of water dripping down your elbows from the ice cubes.

YBP Cosmetics Rose Quartz Gua Sha Sculpting Spoon, INR 1,450


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This 100 per cent natural rose quartz tool is especially great for acne-prone, congested skin. The stone contains minerals like aluminium, iron, titanium, manganese which stimulate blood flow and soothe inflammation. The unique spoon shape makes it easy to reach areas like the nooks and crannies around the eyes, nose and temple. It’s like the traditional gua sha but better.

House of Beauty Ice Globes, INR 3,699

You’ve probably seen actor and skincare savant Tracee Ellis Ross use similar ice massage globes on her Instagram. She often kneads her face with them before red carpet events to define her jawline. The liquid in these tools is specially designed to stay cooler for longer periods of time. Pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes and they’re ready to use.

The Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball Kit, INR 20,762


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Mimic the in-clinic treatment at London’s most in-demand facialist Teresa Tarmey with this cryotherapy kit. The super chic, surgical steel ball is filled with freeze-retaining saline solution that helps it stay chilled even when it comes in contact with skin. It makes skin taut, lifts it and preps it to absorb skincare better.


Photograph: R. Burman

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