Move Over Minimalism, Avant Basic Is Here To Take Over


You may not have heard of this style but chances are that you’ve seen it all over your social media. Vibrant colours, funky patterns and vintage-inspired silhouettes – say hello to avant basic. In contrast to the sober minimalism that has been dominant for a while now, this kitschy aesthetic takes the more flamboyant route. Reminiscent of the fun prints of the ’60s and ’70s, and a subset of dopamine dressing, avant basic is anything but boring. Think psychedelic swirls, clashing prints and an OTT vibe- all wrapped up in the spirit of sweet nostalgia with a futuristic twist. 

The Oxymoron 

The ‘avant’ part of the aesthetic is borrowed from the word ‘avant-garde’ which means experimental fashion. And what happens when whimsical avant-garde prints meet not-so avant-garde silhouettes? It results in a classic example of avant-basic. The name also puts a spotlight on the fact that even though the clothes are unconventional, their over saturation on social media has led to a loss of their innovative appeal. Coined by the writer Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter, the aesthetic as she describes is “algorithm fashion, quirkiness in the age of mechanical reproduction, vintage without the effort.”

The Fashion 

Avant basic fashion includes everything from checkered co-ord sets and cow print pants to kaleidoscopic midi dresses and floral sweater vests. Trending colours include pea green, hints of pink and orange, and hues of purple and blue. Leading the trend bandwagon, brands like House of Sunny, Cider, Lisa Says Gah and Paloma Wool are becoming the go-to shopping destination for social media influencers. The trend may be lighthearted and fun but at the same time its eccentricity brings up the question of its longevity, and thereby its sustainability. Therefore it’s important to be mindful of our consumption and invest in pieces that can be re-styled and re-worn multiple times.

That’s Not All

Not just limited to clothing and accessories, this aesthetic also seeps into home decor. Pops of pastels; floral, checkered and psychedelic patterns; statement pieces like wiggly mirrors, bubbly candles and much more make up the avant basic lifestyle trend.

Images via: Instagram and Pinterest

- Digital Writer


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