Here’s Why We’re Crushing On Murumuru Butter

Murumuru Butter

Muru-what, you ask? Nope, it’s not a new song, just a super nourishing nut butter that can work wonders for your hair and skin! And if you enjoy rich butters like shea and cocoa, you’ll definitely love murumuru butter. So, what is murumuru butter exactly? It is extracted from the white fat found in the seeds of a palm tree Astrocaryum murumuru, which grows across the Amazon in Brazil. It is referred to as a ‘butter’ because of its semi-solid texture in cooler climes, which is liquid or oil-like in warmer temperatures. When it comes to texture, murumuru’s is softer than shea butter but is harder than coconut oil. It has been known for ages for its nourishing properties and is now becoming a popular ingredient in skin and hair care products across the world.

Buttery Goodness for Hair & Skin

Murumuru butter is known to be an excellent emollient and moisturiser for hair and helps the skin get back and retain its natural moisture content and elasticity. It has become a well-known haircare ingredient owing to its high lauric acid content, a fatty acid that is able to go deep into the hair shaft to moisturise and fortify it from within. It, therefore, helps combat dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Murumuru butter also contains myristic, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids that help maintain overall hair health and manageability. It also offers natural protection against future sun damage and heat such as hot hair tools. Murumuru butter isn’t as heavy as many oils and butters, and does not leave behind any greasy residue. In fact, it also has a long shelf life as compared to coconut oil.
Murumuru butter is also packed with omega 3 & 9, as well as vitamins A, C and E—all of which aid in soothing and nourishing dry, irritated skin. Its high-fat content helps hydrate the skin by sealing in moisture. The great part about murumuru butter is that it is less comedogenic as compared to other butters and oils, and hence won’t clog your pores. It also works well to hydrate dry elbows, heels and chapped lips.
Here are 5 products infused with Murumuru Butter that you can indulge in.

weDo Professional Moisturizing Day Cream

Made with ethically sourced murumuru butter, this dual-usage formula works on both the hair and skin. For tresses, it moisturises, softens and provides manageability, leaving hair silky and shiny all day. Simply apply a small amount on clean, damp hair to hair lengths and ends. It works excellently well for the hands and elbows too, without feeling sticky. It is made with 97% natural origin ingredients and is formulated without silicones and artificial dyes.

Love Beauty & Planet Natural Murumuru Butter and Rose Body Wash

This indulgent body wash helps the skin retain moisture for longer. It is sulfate- and paraben-free, and contains plant-based cleansers. The wash leaves a fragrant aroma of Bulgarian rose on the skin, along with the intense nourishment of murumuru butter. Love Beauty & Planet also offers this murumuru butter variant in a shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

Re’equil Murumuru Damage Repair Conditioner


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Dealing with dry, damaged brittle hair from chemical treatments, styling products, heat treatments, and more? Then this damage repair conditioner can come to the rescue. Packed with murumuru butter, it repairs damaged hair while imparting a natural gloss and shine to worn-out listless hair. The light, non-comedogenic nature of this conditioner helps in hair and scalp nourishment, and is suitable for all hair types including the oily and breakout-prone scalp.

Earth Rhythm Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar

Do your bit for mother nature and your hair with this no-nasties shampoo bar that helps soften the hair, detangle it and control frizz. Infused with ingredients such as murumuru butter and vitamin E, it is best suited to curly & wavy hair, where it coats coarse curls and makes them more manageable and hydrated. It also contains a gentle plant-based surfactant derived from coconut oil which improves the scalp’s hydration and prevents dryness and irritation.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream SPF 15

If you enjoy buttery balm-like lip products with colour, you’ll enjoy this luxurious lip cream. Available in a range of shades, its creamy texture nourishes and protect lips with its butter blend and SPF. It is paraben-free, clinically tested and dermatologist approved. This lip cream is in fact, part of the brand’s ‘Butter’ range that includes blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers and more, all infused with the goodness of murumuru butter.

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