5 Ways To Master The Music Festival Makeup

Certainly, we’re not the only excited ones with all of the music festivals and concerts happening lately, after what seems like an eternity! To be an ardent lover of music and revelling in the experience of watching your favourite artists perform some tunes is quite the otherworldly feeling. While you need just the right spirit to enjoy these festivals, syncing your makeup look with the vibe may take it a step ahead. 

All throughout the year, our makeup choices are often confined to neutral colours, nude lips and close to zero experimentation. I mean, sporting bright orange eyeliner at work is mostly for special days, isn’t it? Music festival makeup allows you to dial up the creativity a notch and truly explore every nook and cranny of the beauty universe. Stand out this music festival season with your quirky makeup looks and play with colours and textures, you’ll be thanking us later. Did we mention that these edgy makeup looks are great for the ‘gram?  

Here are a few music festival makeup looks to get you grooving—

Gettin’ Graphic


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Graphic eyeliner is never going off the trend, we’re telling you that now! This versatile beauty trend has slowly made its way from high fashion runways to our daily looks. Without one single way to perfect this style, there’s no end to the fun you can have with it. Opt for a precise flick and extend it outwards for an exaggerated wing. You have one rendition of the graphic eyeliner. Similarly, you can play around with lines, shapes and colours in order to make your eyes pop.

Dazzling Glitter

Would there be any music festival makeup without the presence of some show-stopping glitter? Let’s admit that Euphoria did quite a stellar job at normalising the use of glitter in makeup. Adding a dash of glitter to a makeup look can make it stand out. Whether you choose to add a swipe of glitter to your eyelids or to your cheekbones for a dramatic effect, glitter is ALWAYS a great idea!

Splash Of Colour


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Music festivals are often the best time to bring out vibrant colours and allow yourself to get into the vibe. One of the best ways to ace your colour game is to use neon shades like pink, blue, green and orange. Not only can you mix and match these, but you can also add external elements like glitter and rhinestones to them.

Embellishments All Over


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All aboard the Euphoria makeup train with this one! Rhinestones and pearl embellishments have stepped into the makeup world and jazzed it up. You would be surprised at the power one tiny rhinestone holds in assuring you a dazzling makeup look. Rhinestones and a variety of other embellishments allow you to embrace your blingy side and what better time than a music festival to do so? These can either be used all over your eyes for a completely iced-out effect or on the rest of your face and body too. 

Monochrome Magic


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To many, monochrome makeup may seem monotonous, but not to us. A single-hued makeup look can end up being an unparalleled vibe setter. Matching the eyeshadow to the blush and lipstick— sign us up! The key to perfecting this for a music festival is steering towards warm colours like hues of pink and orange.

OTT Makeup On The Rise

Are there any makeup maximalists in the house? Say aye! Some of us absolutely love grabbing eyeballs with editorial makeup looks, I happen to be one of those. Add graphic makeup looks, colourful eyeshadows and eyeliners and rhinestones to the mix— and you’ve got the ultimate music festival glamour on show. 

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