Muskkan Rawat Shares Her Journey And Challenges On Social Media

Muskkan Rawat started her journey as a content creator in 2020. The pandemic poured in creativity and desire to be a digital creator for her. After shifting to Mumbai for her studies, the content creator had an urge to improve and upscale her content to cater to her audience. With the ever-evolving content around fashion and lifestyle, this young creator is the flag bearer of being authentic and carefree on social media.

ELLE: Tell us about some challenges you face as a content creator

Muskkan Rawat: The biggest challenge for me has been this one question which is “Am I relevant to my community?” I respect my community a lot; they are a major part of who I am right now and where I am. So, I always make sure that whatever I’m creating aligns with them. Being relevant to them has been a challenge but it has been a good kind of a challenge because it always keeps me on my toes and it always helps me to play around with different formats, concepts and ways of storytelling in my niche. I try putting myself out there in a way that is entertaining to my community and me as well.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you take micro trends (beauty and fashion) seriously or love to stick to the classics?

MR: I see these trends as ways of experimenting with my basic, classic and staple styles. So whenever the micro-trends come in, I don’t usually follow all of them, but I like trying the ones that align with my actual style because they help me play around with my original style. If you see my wardrobe, it’s always filled with basics and these trends are a good way to keep having fun with those once in a while.

ELLE: Walk us through your wardrobe and tell us about your favourite fashion piece – it can be an attire or an accessory.

MR: My wardrobe is filled with a lot of white and pink. I love these two colours because they make me feel so feminine and graceful. I feel my style is very unpredictable. Some days I am in my lover era and on other days I am in my reputation era. But one thing I know for sure is that I keep my looks effortless, clean and cohesive. My favourite fashion piece is classic denim jeans. I also love stacking gold jewellery, a key factor in almost all my looks.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you feel the need to woo GenZ’s audience, as they are the most active ones on social media?

MR: I am a hardcore Gen-Z at heart and this has not been difficult for me. My audience automatically resonates with me and they interact with me because I am a part of their generation.

ELLE: Social media is blamed for incepting insecurities in women, being a creator do you think social media is misleading in some ways?

MR: For me, social media has been liberating. It’s this blank canvas that I try to fill in. Initially, though, I used to be scared of my insecurities and would always think about what people were going to think of me. Now I feel like my community has been so accepting of me as a whole person with virtues and flaws so I think that helps. I try to put myself out there in the most authentic way possible because I know they’re following me for who I am. So I have to make sure that I am putting my insecurities out there too and that actually helps me be okay with them because once you come to a point where you’re no longer scared to put your most authentic self out there, that’s when you know that your growth is happening.

- Digital Intern


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