Must-Haves From Kama Ayurveda’s Latest Bodycare Launch

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It’s that time of the year when you rummage through the back of your closet for your woolens, cosy up with a book under the gentle sun and of course, bring out the heavyweights of your skincare routine. Your skin needs all the hydration it can take for this season. It’s time to slough off the dry skin and slather on all the moisturising body care products that you can find. And you need to look no further than Kama Ayurveda’s newest launch that promises a spa-like experience at home. A deeply nourishing Cleansing Shower Oil and a Body Moisturiser with intense hydration are this season’s must-haves and one that we recommend you include in your skincare arsenal. 

The Kokum Almond Shower Oil

The Kokum Almond Shower Oil is a unique oil-to-lather formula that cleanses, nourishes and hydrates the skin in just one quick step. A luxurious oil base that includes Kokum Extracts, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil, makes it deeply nourishing and rejuvenating.

The Shower Oil helps recharge and rejuvenate the skin making it silky smooth while lending a subtle fragrance. The decadent oil emulsifies into a delicate milky texture when it comes in contact with water. This helps cleanse the body gently providing deep nourishment and helps moisturise the skin. The shower oil is a non-sticky, fast-absorbing oil that helps reduce dryness and softens dry skin.


  • Unique oil-to-lather formula that cleanses and conditions skin without a greasy finish
  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth, silky & supple
  • Reduces dullness
  • Restores skin elasticity

Priced at: INR 1750 (200ml bottle)

Available online on Kama Ayurveda and at a Kama Ayurveda store near you.

The Kokum Almond Body Moisturiser

A luxurious body moisturiser for intense hydration, it provides instant relief from flaking and dry patches. A hydration essential for your dresser, bedside or office cubicle, the Kokum Almond Body Moisturiser nourishes skin and provides relief from dryness. It is enriched with Kokum extracts and Vitamin E which are known to restore natural elasticity, moisture and deeply nourish the skin. It includes plant-based nourishing oils to uplift your mood along with Shea extracts and the aroma of sweet almonds for a sweet, floral and soothing fragrance. The Kokum Almond Body Moisturiser is paraben free and provides noticeably soft, supple skin after a single use. The moisturiser leaves your skin feeling satin-smooth. Use it anywhere and at any time!


  • Skin feels noticeably softer 
  • Reduces dullness 
  • Instant Hydration and provides relief from flaking and dry patches

Priced at: INR 1595 (200ml bottle)

Available online on Kama Ayurveda and at any Kama Ayurveda store near you.

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