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Defying chronology and numerical logic, the iconic luxury brand has introduced a new range of beauty products, called N°1 DE CHANEL. The new line places the red camellia flower, (camellia japonica ‘The Czar’), front and centre, a changeup from the white bloom that is now synonymous with the brand’s image. Inspired by the iconic N°5 fragrance, there’s more in common between the 1921-launched scent and the latest skin-first and minimalistic beauty range. Both follow Gabrielle Chanel’s beauty ethos, ‘There is no duality between the mind and the senses, no distinction between reason and sensitivity, no separation of the body and the emotions.’

Sustainability is at the heart of the new range, with the packaging and formulations being eco-designed. The weight of the jars and bottles have been reduced through a streamlined design with an increased focus on recyclable materials such as glass, minimal single-use plastics and elimination of cellophane and paper leaflets. Organic inks that consume less energy during the manufacturing process are used in the packaging. That aside, CHANEL has placed a highly conscious emphasis on reducing the environmental footprint associated with production of the range at every stage. For this reason, formulas featuring a high percentage of sustainably sourced, earth friendly raw materials have been used. They include up to 76 per cent of camellia derivatives,with petals, seeds and yeasts, so as to not waste any parts of the flower.

What makes this range super special is that it has been years in the making—years that the brand has spent developing customised technologies to analyse, extract, filter, and concentrate plant molecules in their open sky laboratories. The camellia fields are established in Gaujacq, in the South-West of France, to best utilise its microclimate, and fertile and balanced soil. In collaboration with Jean Thoby, an international camellia expert, the red blooms are cultivated via demanding agricultural practices that honour environmental integrity, and also, eliminate chemical input.

The farm also has a phyto-analysis lab to facilitate a closer observation of the plants in their natural environment to study, analyse, and identify the most promising ones. Experimental cultivation techniques using agroecology and agroforestry further help preserve and value the plants’ natural qualities. This approach has earned the farm a High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3 certification—the highest of all agricultural environmental credentials and an organic farming conversion label.

Red camellia, chosen for its incredible fresh qualities, is hand-picked and enhanced in water or turned to concentrated oil. These extracts, rich in skin-loving and plumping protocatechuic acid, form the basis of the products in the range. The red camellia extracts have an incredible concentration of nutritive and beneficial molecules, which, when absorbed by the skin, help reinforce its defences. They also help slow down skin dehydration and strengthen the skin barrier to gradually improve its youthfulness.

The flower’s properties target the first signs of ageing, drawing on the concept of delaying senescence, refering to the deterioration of the skin with age. N°1 DE CHANEL’s skincare formulations promise to create optimal affinity with the skin, with noticeable results and indulge your senses in the process. It targets common ageing concerns such as lines and wrinkles, dullness, visible pores and loss of firmness.

The Revitalising Serum from Chanel has a transparent gel texture that dry and thirsty skin drinks up immediately. Continued use promises results like visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and pores, improvement in skin elasticity, and a radiant natural complexion.

The Revitalising Cream is concentrated with red camellia extract and oil, which help smooth the look of lines, adding comfort and radiance to the skin while forming a protective barrier against urban pollution. The camellia seed shells are used to line the lid and preserve the contents of the jar further. The Revitalising Eye Cream is enriched with plant-origin squalene and hyaluronic acid to help manage dark circles, dullness and puffiness. The Powder-To-Foam Cleanser comes in an ultrafine texture to enhance and optimise your skin cleansing ritual.It transforms on contact with water into a soft, light foam to remove impurities and pollution particles from your skin.

The Revitalising Lotion tightens the look of pores and improves elasticity, while the Revitalising Serum-In-Mist counters pollution, refreshes and boosts radiance. Featuring a bi-phase formula that can be used throughout the day, the mist effectively helps protect the skin from pollution, freshens up your make-up and keeps your skin dewy even on the most tiring of days.

The make-up offerings include the Revitalising Foundation made with pigments designed for long-wear action. The skin-nourishing approach of the formula offers care, evens out skin tone and corrects imperfections. The texture does not disappoint and provides a truly luxe makeup application experience. The Revitalising Lip And Cheek Balm delivers rich colour while nourishing and plumping the lips and cheeks. It helps minimise damage caused by external aggressors and is formulated to keep your skin health in check. The creamy, coloured, multi-use balm can be applied using the fingertips to lips and cheekbones for a natural effect. Its smooth, nonoily texture melts instantly on the skin and provides a sensation of immediate comfort and hydration.

Onto the N°1 DE CHANEL L’eau Rouge Revitalising Fragrance Mist. The composition involves a skincare base enriched with refreshing camelliawater and revitalising red camellia extract. Since the flower is odourless, floral notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose floral have been used to add layers of fragrance.

CHANEL’s relentless efforts with this new range have been made in the most part to understand our era and its challenges. This is why the brand has decided to bet on the fact that the plant world has a lot to teach and remains a reservoir of sustainable and endlessly promising beauty discoveries.

And with the intention of being sustainable, CHANEL chooses to lead by example.

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