The Nail Design You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Nail art based on zodiac
“Urgh, why did I do it?” – a question followed by an impetuous chop of my lustrous long mane. Relatable much? Well, the only thing that has me as antsy as a hair rut is a manicure dilemma. Anyone who loves getting their claws painted knows that choosing the perfect shade you love is no easy feat. I confess I am a creature of habit. I wear the same pair of jammies each night, prefer my eggs partially cooked and my coffee not so strong, and the same applies to what goes on my nails. I’m always inclined towards the basics – clean nudes, reds, and ahhh, french manicures, and it never (ever) changed and I always wondered why. Let’s just say my stars have a big role to play in my beauty preferences (including my nails). So the next time you head into a nail bar, leave it up to your stars to find your perfect match…


Capricorns are diligent, pragmatic, and hardworking and they loooove (absolutely, love) their jobs. We think a neutral shade is the best way to go because it’s adaptable yet sophisticated and it’ll work for both a board meeting and an evening out!


You, Aquarius, are the only one who can pull off nails that are as dazzling as the sun. You’re fierce, self-assured, and don’t like to blend in, and nothing screams “out of the box” like a splash of neon.


Your compassionate souls deserve nothing but the best and a blue mani never fails to deliver that. Skip the drab blue mani and get your creative juices flowing with an artistic twist.


Spunky, brazen and adventurous, are just a few adjectives that come to mind while defining your ardent spirit, Aries. Your charismatic essence demands something to shine out on its own, something as fierce as you. And nothing says “I’m here to make a statement” like a bold red, and if you’re not into basics, add a touch of Midas to spice things up.


We see you and your creative, modest and generous souls. You’re a nature’s baby, so channel your inner spirits with an earthy tone, opt for shades of green that also fulfil your refined taste buds. Remember that they don’t have to always be dismal and monotonous, a little nail art hurt no one.



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Why have one when you can have all? We think a multi-coloured manicure is an ideal way to express your flirtatious, playful, and your “I get bored so quick” self. Don’t go down the traditional route, restrict the colour to the tips for a little excitement, a whimsy modern twist to your basic french manicure is the best way to go about it


Soft pastels, particularly a whimsical lilac that exudes beauty and tranquility would make for a great choice with your nurturing gentle spirit.



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Drama and flamboyance sound like a classic Leo to me and it would be a shame if your nails represented anything less than that. Something sparkly and shiny would be a right match for your vivacious soul. Whether it is just a little drip of sparkle or you want your nails to mimic a disco ball, you can sport it the way you like.



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Your meticulous attention to detail makes you crave something classic. A polished yet chic French manicure will be a great fit.



You, natural charmers, can typically pull off anything, but we believe pink is one of the most versatile hues on the gamut, being simple, stylish, and playful.

Pro tip-  Swap out your baby pink for some gradient nails. You can go from vibrant to subtle and soft, one for each mood.


You can sport dark hues like no other. The most mysterious of them all, you need your nails to match your level of intensity, and nothing beats a dark hue like a classic bold black to turn a few heads.



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Animal printed claws are the new florals so unleash your wild and adventurous soul with these.

PS: We know you love it!

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