Nail It! Pamper Your Nails In Style With Proarte’s Exclusive New Range

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A revolutionary brand in the makeup and beauty industry, Proarte is known for its consistent and uncompromising commitment towards top quality makeup accessories. May it be a seasoned stylist, novice beauty enthusiast or even a user at home – Proarte caters to a varied user. 

Featuring eye catching brushes with ultra soft bristles, or sponges, curlers, vanity cases and chairs that are the talk of the town, each and every offering at Proarte boasts of impeccable design and class leading make.

The company has now launched a brand new range of Nail Lacquer and Nail Care products that blend immaculate quality and unparalleled features to provide the signature Proarte experience. Here’s a look at Proarte’s latest line up:

Proarte Nail Lacquer

With 39 different, distinct and delectable shades of lacquer, this ravishing range is a must have for nail aficionados. The lacquers not only provide excellent coverage and shimmering shine in just one single application, but are also long lasting and chip resistant.

What’s more, the easy to use and easier to apply fan applicator keeps things smooth and simple all day. Last but not least, these products are kind to our body as well as the planet. Each and every shade in Proarte’s Nail Lacquer range is   Cruelty Free, Vegan and Non Toxic, as well as Paraben Free and Sulphate Free.

Proarte Nail Care

Damaged and dull or rough and faded…what’s your nail problem? Looking after our beloved nails is no longer a tricky task thanks to the latest assortment of nail care tools from Proarte:

  • No more breaking, tearing and peeling! The Nail Miracle can serve as a soothing and healing touch of magic for severely damaged nails.
  • The Prep-N-Gloss smoothens up the nail bed before actual color application and shields the nails from hard chips.
  • The Extreme Shine is the ideal companion for a manicure session. It provides a vibrant high gloss shine and protects the texture from fading.

For the ever growing brand lovers of Proarte, there are many more surprises in store! Stay tuned for a scintillating set of concealers, lip colors, eye pencils and other makeup tools from the house of Proarte.

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