9 Nail Trends That Will Be Dominating 2022

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A trendy nail colour adds so much to your outfit. You could be wearing a neutral, monochrome, and seemingly ‘boring’ outfit – but if your nails are painted, it makes a monumental difference. A good manicure catches your eye, and let’s be honest – it’s a one-way ticket from drab to fab. 2021 was all about dark, moody shades, French tips, and earthy tones. But 2022 seems to not be playing it safe; here’s our edit of the nail trends that are bound to make a statement in 2022.

1. Extra, Extra, Extra – Read All About It!

Embellishments, diamantes, gold, silver, and bronze tinged foil will be all over social feeds this season, either with minimalist patterns or maximalist trenders; it’s going to get mega extra in 2022. With loungewear taking precedence over any alternative dress codes, it becomes imperative to have catchy nail colours and patterns to complement simple outfits. From confetti glitter to accessories and even charms and weird shapes, OTT seems perfectly fit to describe this trend.

2. You CAN Sit With Us

Nail trends that scream ‘spring’ are such a treat. Pastels in all shades of blue, pink, white, green, and OF COURSE, periwinkle (yes, it’s not going anywhere) grace their way onto the nails of the ladies (and men). Calmness, composition, and flattery, the dynamic three, make this trend one that won’t die out. A monochrome combination of a single colour in different shades can give you the variety you’re looking for without going a step too far.

3. Art And More Art

Artists haven’t solely made a big noise in NFTs. Nail art in 2022 will be at a whole other level. From channelling periods of art (impressionism, post-impressionism, renaissance, you catch my drift) to intricate engravings, delicate floral patterns, nailscapes, most nail art I’ve seen in the past few weeks has been fit to grace the walls of the MET.

4. Swirls And Whirls

Combining light and dark colours or moving into a gradient is going to be a trend this year. Swirls make your nails look like candy good enough to bite into, considering the colour combinations being worked on. The sort of movement that swirls add to your nails gives your whole outfit a strong dimension.

5. A Helpful Tip

When it comes to trying out new nail trends, you can’t experience a true 2000s throwback without French tips. And nothing screams ‘pop sensation of 2022′ like a good ol’ colourful French manicure. Making a basic French tip look different and fun is the best example of an age-old tradition with a Gen Z / millennial twist. Playing with the negative space and easy ways of application (pressing into a silicone sponge) are ways to make this trend a fun one and one that will stick around this year.

6. Quirky Undertones


’90s motifs or simple symbols that you personally relate to will probably be the most accessible and most fun nail trends we’re going to witness in 2022. Cute and notable representations like the evil eye, an alien, emojis, lightning bolts will be making an entrance into the nail art world. Short nails with a basic undercoat will accompany most of the people using this trend (including our fav men in the nail art game, aka Harry Styles and MGK).

7. Press Me On, Peel Me Off

Born out of sheer convenience and annoyance at the hours you had to spend at the salon to get that perfect manicure, press on nails became a trend by the end of 2021 that was EVERYWHERE. On the other end, tired of looking at the same drab nails while working from home or office, people who didn’t have the chance nor the opportunity to go to the salon made the press on nails a staple in their nail care routine. You can choose the colour, shape, design, and length of your nails too – and you don’t even need glue for some of them. Nail stickers too make an entrance into this category for those who aren’t a fan of time-consuming nail art.

8. Bold And The beautiful

Taking a cue from evergreen nail trends, single coats of bold colours (combinations and monochromes) are the staple statement manis that hands across the globe will adorn. Whether a royal blue, a vibrant red, or a stark yellow – it’s all about a solid colour that makes a withstanding impact. Bringing vibrancy, fun and confidence to the table, these attention-grabbing shades turn heads.

9. Earthy Nail Trends And How

Mellow season with earthy tones, neutrals, and nude nails, hyper minimalism are such versatile nail trends. Bold statement nails are great, but understated manis embrace a ‘no-frill’ stance, and the verdant greens are all over the runway this spring. An ethereal sort of calming trend, these undertones are taking over.

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