5 Ways To Maintain Moisturised Natural Curls Between Washes

Natural Curls Routine

Curly-haired girls are the happiest on wash days! Freshly washed and pampered curls thrive in the fresh dose of hydration, maintain their shape and have the body and bounce required to match the wild personalities of curly girls. But day two curls have a different story to tell, and day three curls lose the plot altogether. Natural curls, whether coily, kinky or wavy, tend to be more porous than straighter hair. So while they can absorb hydration, oils and proteins you give them, they are quick to lose all of it. The result is your curls losing body, lustre and refined texture through the next couple of days. And since you shouldn’t overwash natural curls, you will need to compensate by keeping them moisturised between washes.

Ways To Keep Natural Curls Moisturised Between Washes

1. ‘LOC’ In Hydration On Wash Day

The first thing to make sure your curls stay hydrated is to offer them proper post-wash care. The LOC method is a good start; it is known to do wonders for highly porous hair prone to dryness. Start with hair that has been roughly cleansed and conditioned in the shower. Post that, begin with a leave-in conditioner (L) to wet hair, preferably one that is lightweight and milk or water-based. Follow up with oil (O) to lock in the moisture from the fresh wash and leave in but stay away from the roots. Then lastly, finish with a styling cream (C); foamy textures are great for raking in definition into the mane.

2. Beware Of The Hairbrush


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Natural curls and hairbrushes are mortal enemies. Brushing out your curls will lead to loss of shape and cause frizziness. But that does not mean you leave your tresses untouched entirely. The natural oils produced by the scalp need to be brought down to the ends, and tangled tresses are anything but pretty. Opt for a wide-tooth comb or detangler comb to get rid of knots between washes. Use milk or oil-based spray to prep your curls and slowly take out individual knots to avoid your mane turning into a tangled mess.

3. Reactivate Curls On Day 2 And Later

Curl revivers are an essential part of any CG routine. They are infused with nourishing agents like glycerine and natural oils (look for avocado, jojoba and monoi oils). They are formulated to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and are known to work on both loose and tight curl patterns, more so on the former than the latter. Lightly wet your curls with water in a spray bottle and rake the products through your hair. Use your fingers to create the curls and avoid heat styling as much as possible. Even a simple act like diffusing can lead to dryness, so let your hair air dry instead.

4. Rehydrate While You Sleep


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No matter the potency of your curl-care products, you will lose them as soon as your step out in the sun. The best time to rehydrate your hair between washes is to sleep with leave-in treatment. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioning spray and secure your mane in a silky hair bonnet or scarf to let it rehydrate overnight. You can also go bonnet-free, but make sure to switch to silk or satin pillowcases to avoid too much friction on your tresses. Avoid using hair oils while you sleep, as they can weigh down the curls and disturb the shape of the hair.

5. Go For A Style On Day Three And Later

It is a good idea to go for buns, braids and other such updos as you move your next wash day. Use hydrating curl creams and sprays to make your curls submit to the style without much rebellion. The protective styles also prevent breakage as your curls will definitely be on the dryer side after day three. Look for products with light to medium hold so that there are no unruly flyaways to worry about during the day.

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