Neha Menghwani On Social Media, Challenges And Fashion Choices

Social media content creator Neha Menghwani and her story of embarking upon her journey is the prime example of manifestations coming true. In a conversation with ELLE, Neha mentioned how she was intimidated by social media initially and wasn’t too comfortable posting her photos. As a former celebrity stylist, she was often complimented for her sartorial choices. And so she tried her hand at being a content creator. Partnering with handbag brands, she would post five to seven looks per week. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone to gain a huge following on social media. Ahead, Menghwani tells us all about her journey, challenges and fashion choices.

ELLE: Tell us about some challenges you face as a content creator

Neha Menghwani: There are many challenges that you eventually get used to. The first one is playing multiple roles as a stylist, makeup artist, production house, videographer, editor and accountant, among others for yourself. Secondly, dealing with clients is not always an easy task. Thirdly, the audience always has expectations from you that you need to live up to. But all in all, these challenges have made me smarter and more knowledgeable about various aspects and fields, and I cherish them.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you take micro trends (beauty and fashion) seriously or love to stick to the classics?

Neha Menghwani: I definitely talk about micro trends that I personally enjoy and resonate with, for example, I wear glasses and hence, hopped on to the “Office Siren” trend as it included styling spectacles. At the same time, I also create content around trends that my audience would want to learn from.

ELLE: Walk us through your wardrobe and tell us about your favourite fashion piece.

Neha Menghwani: I am proud of how organised my wardrobe is. I have an entire room dedicated to it which makes it easy for me to find things. I have invested in some great quality basics and a lot of statement/bold pieces because I feel my style can be extremely eclectic on some days, and classic on others. There is a lot of colour too because I am currently obsessed with dopamine dressing and how it uplifts my mood. My recent favourite piece is a YSL 100% wool double-breasted blazer that I recently got from London and have been enjoying styling that. I personally feel that blazers as layers can elevate any look.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you feel the need to woo the Gen Z audience as they’re so active on social media?

Neha Menghwani: No. I don’t believe in pandering to a particular subset of the online community just to attract engagement because that would require me to not be 100% of myself on social media. I think being authentic and true to yourself helps you find your tribe online. Besides, GenZ might be the active ones but they don’t always have the purchasing power that the brands need.

ELLE: Social media is blamed for creating insecurities in women. Being a creator do you think social media is misleading in some ways?

Neha Menghwani: I think social media is very subjective and personal. It can be both, a good or a bad thing depending on your personal experience. I see people praising and supporting strangers all the time in comments and fighting with the haters. At the same time, yes, the posts can reach the wrong audience and there are derogatory remarks too. But in my personal opinion, hurt people surface hate online. So I feel pity for them and that’s a great way to look at it.

- Digital Intern


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