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My journey from Frankfurt to Singapore culminated in a vibrant unveiling event by TUMI, where they introduced their new global ambassador, the South Korean actress Mun Ka-Young, and announced their ASRA collection. The event was a dazzling showcase of style and innovation, held in the heart of Singapore, a city that bridges tradition with futuristic modernity—much like TUMI’s new offerings.

Mun Ka-Young

As soon as I landed, my excitement was evident. TUMI, a brand known for its robust and stylish travel essentials, had taken a significant leap into the women’s fashion realm with the ASRA collection. This new line promises to cater to the modern woman who values both functionality and elegance in her accessories.

The collection features a variety of handbags in four colours—core Black, Moonlight, Cameo Rose, and Purple Sunset—the latter inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Sentosa Island in Singapore.

The star of the evening, Mun Ka-Young, epitomised the collection’s ethos of beauty and versatility. During the event, she spoke passionately about her new role as TUMI’s global ambassador. “I’ve always admired TUMI’s dedication to excellence, and I’m thrilled to represent a brand that innovates while staying true to its luxurious roots,” she shared. Mun’s involvement is expected to resonate well with a global audience, emphasising TUMI’s commitment to embracing a diverse range of voices and styles.

Additionally, TUMI announced Diipa Buller-Khosla as the India TUMI Crew, further diversifying their representation and highlighting their global outreach. The combination of Mun Ka-Young and Diipa Buller-Khosla, both influential figures in their respective spheres, underscores TUMI’s strategy to deepen its engagement with a dynamic, fashion-forward audience.

(l-r) Diipa Buller-Khosla and Mun Ka-Young

The ASRA collection itself is a testament to TUMI’s evolving aesthetic. Each piece blends practicality with chic design, featuring pleated details, soft structures, and knotted shoulder straps that add a touch of sophistication. These bags are not only crafted to be functional—with features like microfiber-lined pockets for sunglasses—but also stylish, complementing any outfit from day to night.

Directed by C Prinz and photographed by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, the campaign with Mun Ka-Young beautifully captures the essence of the ASRA collection. In the promotional visuals, Mun is seen navigating a classic, museum-like space, her movement fluid against the architectural backdrop, mirroring the collection’s designed versatility and elegance.

(l-r) Creative Director Victor Sanz, Chef Bjoern Alexander, Chef Janice Wong, Art Director Loic Serot

This trip not only highlighted TUMI’s innovative new collection but also emphasised their commitment to sustainable fashion. The event echoed the brand’s mission to produce items that are not only durable and stylish but also environmentally conscious. With these new steps, TUMI is set to redefine the travel and fashion industries, making a significant mark with ambassadors who exemplify grace, strength, and global appeal.


This excursion was a vivid reminder of the power of thoughtful design and strategic branding. TUMI, through the ASRA collection and its ambassadors, is crafting a narrative that speaks to travellers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a narrative of enduring beauty and functionality, designed to accompany every journey—whether it be a short commute or a voyage across continents.

- Fashion Editor


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