Niche Perfumes Go Beyond The Mainstream And These 7 Have Become Our Favourites


The world of perfumes is constantly evolving, what used to be rife with distinct signature scents has now slowly transformed into building a fragrance wardrobe. The art of using perfumes has found a departure from being a way to smell appealing and has become a way for individuals to express all facets of their personality. Scents have the power to evoke certain feelings, spark nostalgia, boost your confidence, act as an aphrodisiac and also soothe your nerves at times.

Whether you enjoy adorning a stark signature scent or layering certain olfactory families together, one factor is certain—niche fragrances should triumph over everything. An unconventional alternative to mass-produced designer perfumes, niche perfumes offer their users a unique and personalised scent as opposed to a widely known one. Let’s be honest, most of us love our scents from iconic fashion houses. However, niche perfumes showcase a level of individuality that one can’t find in conventional ones.

Here are some niche perfume brands that deserve a spot on your shelf.

DS & Durga


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Born in a cosy Bushwick apartment, DS & Durga has revolutionized the niche perfume industry with their hand-made scents. What sets them apart is their choice to combine eclectic notes and create a distinctive aroma which cannot be replicated. Each of the scents from DS & Durga is a narrative of the founders’ love for art, cinema, music and design. Each scent is individualistic in the way that it narrates a different story with its alluring notes.

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Serge Lutens


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Fondly known as the creator of the niche perfume industry, Serge Lutens’ scents have sparked a revolution with their unique combinations which fuse luxury with art. Their scents have mastered the art of infusing artisanal blends of spices, and flowers with a hint of freshness. Boldness, surprise and originality are all elements that are present in every scent.

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Byredo needs no introduction. Viewing luxury from a unique perspective, they create niche perfumes that translate unforgettable memories into lingering scents. Featuring unique notes that talk loudly about the Romani way of living, Byredo’s perfumes narrate intriguing tales that go beyond boundaries.

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Juliette Has A Gun

A French niche perfume brand which uses complex notes to craft scents, Juliette Has A Gun is a bold depiction of Shakespeare’s favourite female lead, the gun is a metaphor for perfume—a weapon of seduction. Each scent is intimate in the sense that it evokes familiarity with certain feelings and emotions with its distinct notes.

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Vilhelm Parfumerie

Fragrances created by Vilhelm Parfumerie do a stellar job of blending classic notes with modern ones, offering innovative concoctions. They offer a unique olfactory experience because of the combination of old and new notes, despite having identical packaging. By balancing conflicting notes, Vilhelm Parfumerie’s niche scents immediately hold your hand and lead you to a utopian place.

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Le Labo

Standing strong on the belief that the perfume industry is filled with mass-produced perfumes which possess no soul, Le Labo is a niche perfume brand which handmakes every perfume in a lab. Known for its refreshing scents, Le Labo follows a simple approach towards creating perfumes and has also opened their lab to the public, allowing them to witness the whole process. All of their scents have a personalized factor which allows the consumer to connect deeply with the scent.

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Memo Paris


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A Parisian brand that was founded by two globetrotters who visualised fragrances as a journey, Memo Paris creates scents that have the power to invoke feelings of wanderlust. These fragrances paint an extremely vivid image of travel by transporting you to scenic locations. They utilise scents which make one reminisce of picturesque geographical locations. From the raw materials used to the intricate designs on the bottles, Memo Paris ensures that their core philosophy is depicted in every aspect.

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