#ELLEExclusive: Nikhil Thampi Talks About His Edgy, Inclusive Collab With RSVP By Nykaa Fashion

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The fashion landscape in India is changing and rapidly. People want powerful, statement pieces that stand the tests of time and seasons. And designers around the country are paying heed. Nikhil Thampi, ace designer and couturier is partnering with RSVP By Nykaa Fashion to introduce a collection that’s timeless and glamorous at a price point that’s makes it very accessible.

We settled down for a chat with Adwaita Nair, the CEO of Nykaa Fashion, and Nikhil Thampi and got a low down on what you can expect from this inclusive, edgy collection.

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ELLE: What are your expectations for this collaboration?

Adwaita Nayar: Through this collaboration, we hope to offer a collection that is quintessentially RSVP by Nykaa Fashion – fashion-forward, trans-seasonal, and timeless. We want to offer access to a designer collection that reiterates the inclusive ethos of our brand, through size and style options, and also celebrates the creativity of our partner. We are sure Nikhil Thampi for RSVP, with its blockbuster design aesthetic, will resonate with anyone looking to add an edge to their personal wardrobe this season.

ELLE: Are collaborations the way forward for Nykaa Fashion? 

AN: I believe collaborations in fashion are a great way to create unique styles and I personally enjoy exploring synergies with brands and creators. The right collaborations allow us to delight our consumers with fresh choices and the joy of discovery, which is what they expect from Nykaa Fashion. RSVP and Nikhil Thampi are two distinct brands that have come together to celebrate new-age occasion-wear, representing the attitude of every confident, free-spirited woman.

Nikhil Thampi for RSVP by Nykaa Fashion

We turn to Nikhil Thampi for a question

ELLE: What’s the inspiration for this collaboration? 

Nikhil Thampi: We at NTL come from a different school of thought where we tend to focus more on made-to-measure and more customizing designs to our clients’ needs, in that aspect this collaboration was already a departure from what we generally practice. When we started to ideate on the collection we were in the midst of a pandemic, and we knew we will face a few hurdles because everything was still a blur, and we were unsure about the occasion where one could wear this collection. Hence, we decided to make this an aspirational collection where we wished to convince the wearer to celebrate life in all its glory. Once that was clear we knew we had to introduce novelty fabrics, interesting styles, cuts, fits to make this collection stand out. We are very excited to introduce novelty fabrics like chain-maille, sequins, and embellished fabrics to make this collection as unique as we could. 

Perhaps collaborations are the way forward. We ask Adwaita if she thinks that’s true.

ELLE: How is the Indian consumer reacting to collaborations?

AN: We have seen a very encouraging response to every special collaboration presented by Nykaa Fashion. Our consumers across the country appreciate the access to designer collections and fresh new wardrobe options, especially if they are inclusive in size and available at great price points. We hope to continue delighting them through our interesting curations and collaborations on our platform that has today become a trusted destination for elevated fashions choices.

We love that this collection aims to transcend seasons and serves up a variety of sizes.

ELLE: What kind of woman will love this collection?

NT: This collection is made for those who love to stand out and not merge in, it is a collection for today’s youth who knows the importance of statement clothing with comfort at its core DNA, a collection for the ‘IT’ girl of today. We have also strived hard to make this more of a trans-seasonal collection where one can wear separates round the year which makes this collection a good investment for one’s wardrobe. We also knew how important it is to cater to all body types, so we have sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. This collection celebrates body confidence to its prime instead of giving safe, unadventurous styles to the curvy body, we have tried hard to push ourselves and give some daring sexy silhouette that tends to focus on the more flattering body parts. 

ELLE: Nikhil, it’s right in time for the party season- what are the top trends for this season?

NT: When it comes to this collection, I didn’t want to follow any trends. Instead, I wanted to create something that is trans-seasonal & can be worn around the year. These styles are eternal and are aimed at infusing life back into people after the pandemic. The entire mood – the collection itself & the campaign is extremely celebratory. Additionally, my aim is that whoever wears this collection, stands out & feels the best version of themselves. Novelty fabrics have been used which are usually used for high-end couture. For the first time, a high street brand will be seen using such luxury fabrics accessible. 

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