New Year Resolutions Are Pointless. Here’s Why I Am Not Making Any

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I have been a dedicated resolution-maker. And with equal fervour, I have broken my new year resolutions. The most I have lasted was when I decided to stop drinking aerated drinks and that went on till January 26th. It was Republic Day and as you are probably aware, this requires you to consume copious amounts of cola in celebration of being Indian. Sure, it’s not like it’s written anywhere but I just knew that was a mandate and my resolution was broken. Once you’ve crossed over to the broken resolution side, there’s no looking back.

Given this situation, I have decided that I am resolutely going to refuse to make any resolutions this year. 2022 is going to be a year where I am going to absolutely wing it. Maybe this is my version of a mid-life crisis. Maybe I want to live a little on the wild side, you never know with me.

Before you dismiss this as a rant, allow me to state my reasons for being resolution-less. There’s plenty at play here and I am not doing this on a whim (or maybe I am, like I said, unleashing my wild side), I just want to leave peacefully without my resolution looming over my head.

But here are good reasons to not make a decision that’s you will hold yourself to and then feel bad about. For starters, resolutions coming with an alarming amount of stickiness. Since we reserve the resolutions shenanigans for the beginning of the year, the failure of the resolution (which I think is very likely) also comes early in the year. Which means you’ve started your year with a sense of failure. Feeling less than at the outset isn’t exactly exciting. And this tends to have a cascading effect on the rest of the year, making you feel like you are simply not good enough. And who wants to feel like they aren’t doing enough in mid-Jan? So there is that.

There’s also the fact that these resolutions are made in extremely precarious situations. Hear me out. The last week of December, a very festive and merry time, lulls you into a sense of positivity. And this is the time you’re thinking of your resolutions. Which means that you have unrealistic expectations. Making resolutions at this time is the same as thinking that texting your ex is a good idea when you’re drunk. Nothing good comes out of it, and when you wake up nursing a hangover, it is this decision that you regret. It was during these times that I made a resolution to lose weight, eat better, or travel more. By mid January, I wasn’t able to move the kilos on my hips that the holidays had added, I had stuffed my face with fries over many social soirees and my travel plans involved trips to the grocery store because obviously you need chocolates. In total, the resolutions were a fail.

Point being, you don’t have to make a resolution. Maybe yours should be that you won’t be making a resolution. There’s no reason to have one. There’s no reason to feel like you’re failing. Just do the thing positivity quotes are made of. Like centre your energies. Manifest. You know, whatever you need to do that will keep you from asking from yourself things that are practically impossible.

But also, if you want to know what the new here has in store for you, here’s the horoscope for the year 2022.

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