No Plans For Valentine’s Day? Here Are Some Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

The pressure of doing something grandiose on Valentine’s Day gets my adrenaline pumping; after all, it is the ultimate celebration of love, that’s full of impossible-to-meet expectations, outrageous food cheques, and all the heart-shaped cringe stuff, but with all the hoopla around it, even the most laid-back couples get pressurised into jumping on the bandwagon every year. Given that this year’s Valentine’s Day occurs on a Monday, I’m sure figuring out what to do will be a challenge for those who haven’t noticed the calendar. I’m assuming that if you’re here, reading this, you don’t have reservations at a swanky restaurant or, for that matter, a getaway in mind. To make sure your V-Day isn’t a total bummer, we’ve compiled a list of not-so-mushy but cute date ideas that won’t require you to leave your couch, so stay in and go all out….

Netflix and Cuddle

Did someone say a Netflix-and-chill? I’m all for it. Nothing beats ordering your favourite takeout and snuggling up in bed in your jammies and having a hearty laugh with your significant other while watching a rom-com. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about: spending time with your beau and doing what you love to do.

Games Night In

Nothing brings you and your partner closer quite like a fun games night. So get creative and ditch your phone and tablets and pull out some scrabble or Jenga (or whatever it is you own) for a fun evening; a little bit of banter and some healthy competition is the perfect way to get those love hormones flowing. 

Cook Together

Suffice to say food is my love language, and I am sure most of you epicures agree. There’s something enticing about someone who knows their way around the kitchen. So let loose, be willing to get your hands messy, crank on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to have a great night. Actually this is good for any weekend also, not just Valentine’s Day.

Ps: As an aphrodisiac, don’t forget to add some chocolate to your dessert. Use it as your secret love potion to cap the night.

Get Creative

Skip the basics this V-day. While we all agree that a movie marathon and some food sounds pretty awesome, you could get hand-sy in the best way possible too. Tap into your partner’s creative side. From shaking a leg to painting a mural, tap into your inner artsy side and enjoy a little DIY night with your boo.

Spa Night

Scented candles, essential oils, massages, and bubble baths, to me, scream romance! (Brb, in pleasant spirits simply by writing about it) An at-home spa date is a great way to reconnect and unwind with your beau, and a quick way to prep you in a state of euphoria. This is Valentine’s Day done right.

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