6 Swanky Hairstyles That Will Get You A Glam Spot At The New Year Party


It’s that time of the year when many of us are frantically trying to put together an outfit, pair it with complementing makeup and look like a diva. However, on most days, hairstyles end up taking a backseat. If you’re like me, someone who prioritises her perfect beauty looks and showstopping outfits, then you either let your hair loose or secure it with a pretty pin. But it’s time to glam up things!

With maximalism on the rise in 2022, and certainly in 2023 too, it’s safe to say that your hairstyles for New Year’s call for some drama, volume and glitter! If you’ve been scrolling endlessly to bookmark a hairstyle for New Year, look no further because we’ve got you covered.

Glamorous hairstyles for New Years

The Barbie Updo

Barbiecore dominated all of 2022, and we aren’t complaining. The classic Barbie updo makes for an elegant yet sexy hairstyle, especially if you’re donning a sultry evening gown. To ace the face-framing bit, ensure a few hair strands are floating around your face to give it some character. This hairstyle makes for a great New Year’s pick because managing hair is the last thing you want to do at a party.

Bubble Me Up


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The bubble braid resurgence is alive and kicking! If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle that saves you time, this one is it. Take the front strands of your hair from each side, and use tiny rubber bands to create small bubbles from the top to the end. Tug the bubbles a little to add some volume, and voila! You have yourself a cute and retro hairstyle that goes well with sporty outfits.

Fun With Buns

Space buns are never going out of style. When the outfit memo for the night is chic athleisure or a vintage fit, space buns have to be a part of the assignment. The best part about this hairstyle is the fact that one can always give it their own spin. Want to tie cute ribbons on it? Check. Want to add glitter to it? Check. Want to accessorise it with clips? Check.

Girls Love Swirls


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This might appear a tad bit complicated but hear us out. Swirls are timeless and add a certain softness to the entire look. Begin by tying your hair into a sleek ponytail and carefully bun it up, leaving a few strands out for your swirls. With the help of some hair gel, setting spray and pins, twirl these strands to swirls and secure them on your bun. Extra bits like hair glitter and gems added to the bun will certainly exude a party vibe.

Pearly Energy

While rhinestones are all over our feeds, let’s not forget that pearls are equally charming. You can never go wrong with an effortless ponytail to make a statement at a party, especially at a New Year bash! However, adding a pearl headband to that ponytail can spruce things up. If Blair Waldorf had to accessorise her hair in 2022, you know this is what she’d do.

Sleeky Drama


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We’ve always got sleek buns on our list, all thanks to the supermodel vibes they radiate. Versatile in nature, we guarantee you that these buns will match every outfit you have in mind for the New Year party! Use singular, front strands to set them into some subtle waves, in order to add some movement to an otherwise polished hairstyle. Hair gel and a pointed comb are your besties for this one.

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