Nykaa Predicts The Biggest Beauty Trends In 2023

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Throwing it back to how the glam and beauty industry fared last year – from the sustainable, gender-neutral beauty to the comeback of Y2K and the viral pop culture looks it’s safe to say that the beauty sector was taken by a storm, something that’s been quite the surprise. And with the way things are changing, keeping up with all the new trends and looks might seem daunting. 

But, if anyone knows where the beauty trends are headed, it’s gotta be Nykaa. They’re rolling and thriving in the business, the numbers bearing testimony to their success. So, when we found out that the experts at Nykaa have curated a solid insight-driven forecast on what’s hitting big in the beauty world this year, we started taking notes. So, here we have the inside scoop on the biggest trends to watch out for and stay ahead of the curve. 

Their forecast sheds a light on the major shift that will be seen in the three main circuits of the beauty industry – Wellness, Experiences and Glam. So, hang in there with us for a little bit longer to know what Nykaa’s crystal ball predicts for the world of beauty in 2023.


  • Finally, a much-needed trend topping the charts! The idea that beauty lies at the core of good health is now understood and accepted by many. And this ‘healthy beauty’ wave will bring great attention to care products that are backed by medical claims like Beauty RX
  • With the world now adopting eco-consciousness in every aspect, people are likely to take the back to nature route and opt for nature-based products (like CICA, Bakuchiol) and treatments. Even the look and feel for makeup and nails will likely be earthy nudes and soothing greens;
  • Picking up from 2022, barrier boosting actives are here to stay as barrier health will continue to be in focus with an overall emphasis on preventative skincare. Ceramides, Niacinamide and peptides are basically staples for many just like sunscreen, blue light protection, and anti-ageing skincare.
  • Right up there with skincare is haircare, and Nykaa foresees that the Big Supermodel Hair trend will be going strong in 2023, with a lot of focus on haircare treatments and regimes like deep oiling, scalp exfoliation and regular masking-healthy hair to get those healthy and gorgeous voluminous tresses;
  • Subsequently, the Clean Girl look is on its way to becoming a top favourite. After all good skincare with makeup has to be the ultimate answer to a radiant, plump and fresh look. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Feel good, look good might just be the new mantra in 2023 according to Nykaa, as evolved self care will continue to be the approach for holistic beauty and health goals.


  • And just like that, having only a decent product today has stopped being enough, and why not, when you can get beyond just the results for what you’re paying, right? Brands are starting to get creative to give their consumers personalized or extravagant experiences. Think AR/VR experiences; the try-and-buy experience has now become virtual for people to get tailor-made offerings. That means you’ll see some cool beauty pop-up shops in the metaverse or get a virtual  makeup trial using AR.
  • Also, Nykaa is pretty spot-on with their prediction on K-Beauty resurgence, we all know how much skincare enthusiasts love it and for a good reason too, so this trend is only going to see an upward tick, have you tried it yet?
  • When it comes to experiences, nothing better than a personal touch to make it memorable, so novel formats in packaging for better usability, fun experience and a relatable vibe through their branding where we can feel the personal connect is the next thing people will seek in 2023;
  • What’s also interesting to see is the craze of hybrid products that will continue to disrupt the beauty industry. We can totally see the raging demand for serum foundations or super serums, gloss balms, highlighting moisturizers and more.


  • Self-expression and individualism through fashion and beauty have only become stronger over the years. Stepping into this year, the maximalism trend is about to get bigger and better. Starting with head-turning fragrances, a strong and intense scent is a sure-shot way to make a statement. They’re talking about the notes of amber and oud balanced with rich gourmands and zesty spices or sweet and light scents with a strong earthy twist.
  • Next up are indulgent rituals which already have a growing fanbase as people are starting to discover the rejuvenating benefits of new-age Ayurveda for skin and beauty. The herbal facials, massages, and deep oiling rituals are all staying strong in 2023.
  • This particular trend is a personal favourite of many because who doesn’t like the Wednesday Addams aura or Euphoria’s viral looks? Nykaa predicts that dark glam will prevail in 2023, and we couldn’t be happier. Those metallic and glitter accents on darker tones are glam goals.
  • The other beauty tide riding high in the new year is experimental nails. Those eccentric animal prints and colourful gradients have our votes too, as do neon and pastel tips on French manis. Remember Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails? Exactly!
  • We feel Nykaa is on to something with their foresight on championing pink. Still raging Y2K, Valentino Pink’s much-awaited launch and Margot Robbie awakening the Barbiecore fashion are all pointing towards an uprising of the bold and feminine ‘Pink’ era. Not to forget, Pantone declared Viva Magenta as the colour of the year for 2023, that’s enough said!

Honestly, some of these predictions aren’t surprising because of their epicness (yes, it’s a term now) and the others seem to be fun and exciting at the very least to try out. While Nykaa has tried-and-true reasons to predict the future of beauty in 2023, which of these trends do you think will be hit this year? 

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