Océglōw’s Glowing Guide For All The Clean Beauty Girlies


I love doing my skincare and building a routine to feel satisfied and glowy. But every time I walk into the skincare aisle, I see a million products promising miracles, leaving me wondering what half the ingredients even are. We’ve all been there. But there is never a doubt about Océglōw’s nature-to-face skincare motto, that combines nature’s well-kept secrets with the goodness of aromatherapy.


Born from a quest for clean beauty solutions, founders Akshay and Arushi Oswal stumbled upon the experiences of Korean skincare practices and the power of marine extracts resulting in a curated collection of products that are as effective as they are gentle. This Indian brand ditches the drama and harsh chemicals, offering a clean beauty revolution that’s all about you and your natural glow. Think simple routines, effective ingredients, and self-care that feels good for your skin, hair and the planet. The benefits?

K-Beauty but with a Desi twist

Their cleansers, serums, and masks combine the best of Korean rituals with the expertise of South Korean scientists. Infused with powerful marine extracts, these products are formulated specifically for Indian skin types, targeting everything from dullness to dehydration and pesky imperfections.

SOS Hydration

Océglōw’s water cream is your skin’s new best friend as it gives much-needed hydration and the ultimate moisture boost. The brand’s Vitamin Complex Glow Serum is packed with hyaluronic acid and algae to fight imperfections and reveal your inner glow.

The Salon Experience You Deserve

Whenever I buy skincare, I dream of having that relaxing salon experience but it’s not possible due to hectic working hours. Océglōw understands the importance of luscious locks. Their Hair Fall Control Shampoo strengthens your scalp, promotes healthy growth, and adds volume, leaving your hair smelling like a fresh garden. Pamper yourself with their Anti-Hair-Fall Mask, a deep conditioner that restores moisture and balances your scalp’s pH level for hair that’s full of life.

The brand’s dewy cream, aqua sun gel, and Intense Hydration Cream Cleaner make you enjoy smooth and makeup-friendly skin preparation with a powerful, all-day formula. Océglōw’s vegan and clean Lip Mask, enriched with olive, argan, rosehip, and raspberry seed oils, leaves your lips naturally plump and pillowy-soft. The eye treatment Luminous Bright Eyes and the Sleeping Jelly Mask, an overnight wonder, are to become fast favourites.

Clean Beauty on a Budget

All the clean beauty fans like me understand just how expensive it is to be a clean girl! But Océglōw believes healthy skin and hair shouldn’t cost a fortune. Their products start at INR 795, making self-care a possibility for everyone. The products are meticulously crafted with safe and effective ingredients, with a commitment to clean processes and sustainability to ensure your self-care routine feels good from the inside out. Explore the world of Océglōw and unlock the radiant, healthy you that’s been waiting to shine.

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