Off The Rack: From Styling Paris Hilton to Ed Westwick, Mohit Rai’s Indomitable Spirit Shines Through His Work Ethic

Mohit Rai

News to no one, stylist Mohit Rai has had a profound effect on the fashion business and has drastically changed how celebrities present themselves thanks to his attention to detail and natural understanding of fashion. A force to be reckoned with, he continues to push boundaries, ignite creativity, and redefine the standards of style. Alongside stylist Ridhi Bansal, Mohit co-founded the label ITRH after more than 15 years in the business, thus diversifying his offerings.

Having worked with numerous A-listers including Paris Hilton, Ed Westwick, Kiara Advani and the likes, a stoppage seems to be the last of his worries. As a part of our ongoing interview series with stylists ‘Off The Rack,’ we sit down with Mohit Rai and discuss all things ambition, his journey and future plans.


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ELLE: Tell us about your styling journey, from the beginning.

Mohit Rai: My styling journey started out with editorial as a styling assistant for a magazine. Thereon, I worked my way up the editorial structures and ladder, becoming a fashion editor and eventually went on to start my own styling agency.

ELLE: Three core skills to make it as a stylist in India.

Mohit Rai: Education. Perseverance. Commitment

Beyond this, everyone needs to come up with a sense of personal style which can be both versatile and adaptable and oscillate between editorial and commercial seamlessly.


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ELLE: What was your ‘I made it’ moment that really set things in motion for you professionally?

Mohit Rai: I think on a personal level, I’ve never had an ‘I made it’ moment because I’ve been blessed with a sense of constantly wanting to better myself, but reflecting on industry reactions, I’ve had far too many to keep count.


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ELLE: A Hollywood celebrity you’d love to style and why.

Mohit Rai: I’ve always been obsessed with Paris Hilton and the dream to style her came true recently, and my other obsession is Beyoncé and that’s something I’m currently focusing all my will towards manifesting.

ELLE: How would you describe your personal style?

Mohit Rai: My personal style is a sensible cocktail of comfortable athleisure with a generous serving of black.


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ELLE: Take us through some exciting projects you’re currently working on / are looking forward to being a part of, in the near future.

Mohit Rai: I’m currently working on a few web series that are keeping me thrilled and on my toes. Apart from our roster of clients constantly doing new and exciting projects. I’m also working on some exciting new couture shoots that will see the light of day soon. We are also working on our new couture line at ITRH which will see a whole new dimension being added to the brand as well.

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