OkCupid India’s Campaign ‘Love Is’ Is The Inspiration We All Need In 2020

If there’s one thing us millennials don’t have a fixed answer for, it is when someone asks us what love is. And as a ‘90s kid, I agree. We belong to a generation where we make our own rules and live the way we want to, whether it is related to our career or finding the right partner. And understanding this perspective is OkCupid India. With its recently launched campaign titled ‘Love Is’, the popular dating app shows that love is unique to each individual and deserves to be celebrated. After watching the short film, I was reminded of my own experience on the app and here’s why I resonated with it so much.

When the pandemic hit our country and forced the government to enforce a nation-wide lockdown, I was thrown into a black hole that deprived me of human connection. It was hard enough that I was away from my family but even harder to not meet my best friends. Being an introvert, I was okay to remain in solitude but not for too long. Lockdown made me realise the vitality of human interaction and being social. If there’s one thing I looked forward to this year, it was to seek love and I didn’t let the pandemic stop me from searching for it. Since I’m shy when it comes to meeting people physically, I relied on dating apps to find the right kind of partner. Thankfully, with the help of OkCupid, I made a connection with someone who shares the same interests as I do. From having daily conversations for the past three months over video calls to binge-watching the same movies from home and discussing it and encouraging each other to grow in our careers, I have found the right companion who’s on the same wavelength as me. And I can’t wait to meet him in person once the pandemic ends. The app has changed my perspective towards love, connection and approach to meeting new people. 

OkCupid’s campaign is here to remind us to not lose hope. It merely encourages us to find the love we want. Whether you like being spontaneous together or enjoy exchanging little love notes everyday, don’t stop yourself from finding the love you deserve, even if it’s over a Zoom call. The right partner is out there for you, all you have to do is seek it.

Watch OkCupid’s campaign ‘Love Is’ here:

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