Ollia Tzarina On Her Fashion Journey Onwards And Upwards

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In an almost parabolic ascent to popularity, Ollia Tzarina’s brand (real name Xenakis, daughter of a Greek Russian mining magnate, Fayaz Xenakis) dominated the headlines as Los Angeles’ favourite label. A-listers including Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, and Mary J Blige were spotted donning her creations.

But, especially in the entertainment industry, the endless hard work that goes behind all the glitz and glam is often overlooked. Now that Ollia has sold the brand to an Indian billionaire and relieved herself of the immense pressure of running the label single-handedly, she has found new energy and inspiration, Ollia commented: “I’ve never really shown my own style – exactly what I have and what I buy. I used to keep this to myself as I focused everything I had on the business at the expense of personal aesthetics.”

The fashion mogul has decided to move on to an exciting new venture which will see her visual style journal documenting her outfits and shopping! But now that I have the time, I’m excited to share my personal collections with my followers, especially those pieces that are important to me, such as my crocodile Hermes bags, Chanel hard to find (or sold out!) accessories, the fantastic new Mugler and much more she added. Her typical day consists of working on her style blog, www.richnchill.com, and scouring the internet for unique items such as old Cartier jewellery, art, and exotic skin Hermes bags. Her style journal is a way for her to connect with her audience, for them to get a glimpse into her inspiring life and empower countless young women with similar hopes and aspirations that everything is possible with passion and sustained effort.

Her ambition is to turn her fashion journal into a styling agency in the future. The guru also believes in embracing flamboyance to add a little shine to casual attire, and that it doesn’t have to seem OTT if done well. She also stated that sustainability is the need of the hour, and that we should choose sustainable fashion over fast fashion. It is also vital to remember that quality always takes precedence over quantity.


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